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Bonfire And MoonLight

May 9, 2010

Drawn deep into the heart of the woodland...
a haunting melody stirs the calm night.
Drums pound till I can’t resist their calling.
Silhouettes blend by bonfire and moonlight.

She is but one dancing in the circle...
hands moving as if swimming thru stars.
Many faces shine in the fire’s glow...
figures adorned with veils and flowers.

Glistening bodies, mesmerized, chanting...
praising the earth for her bounty and seed.
May Pole ribbons again weave their magic.
The fields are blessed, as are those they will feed.

One green ribbon I add to the weaving;
my silent watch, then my whispered prayer.
“Great Mother Earth, I’ve abused thy blessings.
Forgive me the times I wasn’t aware."

The drums have awakened my sleeping heart.
I feel you inside me...your voice I hear.
Goddess Mother...blessed be...our Mother;
by the light of the moon, all is made clear.

By the moon’s light...all is clear.”

I join the circle of celebration.
I am one with the drums, long thru the night.
I am but one dancing in the circle;
silhouettes blend by bonfire and moonlight.

All is made clear in the moon’s light...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2014
About this poem:
Inspired by Beltane a while back. Fitting to share before May is gone. Blessed be, all those who move with the dance of life.

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Comments (16)

A lovely piece my dearest CP with lovely imagery wineJesse
Jesse, thank you so much! Awe, that's so sweet. Hugs and grand day. Celtic
Lovely work Celtic. I just loved the imagery in this one. Regards
Thanks again POET. You honor me with your words. I have so many works to share and so much more I want to write. Be well!wine
I can picture the dancing and the ribbons, such a calming poem, thank you for sharing.
Hi LadyJ, thank you for dancing with me round the May Pole and sharing the Bonfire Light. Let's do it again next year. LALALALALALA the gypsy's call. A bow and a blessing, Celticwave
Super write Celtic. ....thumbs up
A most joyful feedings envelopes me sharing this celebratory moid my friend .

Hope all is great with yiu.
CandyKid, thank you so much for taking the time to read my poem. Poetry is one of my dearest loves and it all comes right from the heart. Blessings and enjoy this amazing full moon tonight. Celtic
Hello to you Miss P. How you doing? I'm fine. Taking care of business and doing my best to live and give happiness out to the Universe. You? Blessings girl and hugs. hug
"All is made clear in the moon’s light..." lovely to read from you again.. just beautiful ... gift thumbs up teddybear
Orientalkoru, THANK YOU and nice to be read by you! LOL. I wish you a magical weekend. I am honored you stopped by to check out this poem. Celtic

This is neat Celtic,
reminds me of some of Loreena McKennitt's music

nice job teddybear
Wow Beautiful, what a great compliment! I am so jazzed about that. She is one of my absolute favorites. If you get a chance, go to youtube and look up Woodland with the FaeryWorld Festival. They are friends of mine. They have come a long ways from the early days when I used to intro them and read one of my poems in the opener. I got to do that 3 times at various venues here. They are now singing to audiences of about 6,000 and the festival has really taken off. Rose Red is a song my friend Kelly wrote and I LOVE what she did with it. Let me know. Celtichug
very nice Celtic

I listened to the interview with dw and then the song

the music evokes or stirs both the ancient and the sacred; that reconnecting with the earth, with ourselves.. primal.

thanks for sharing this wave

Embedded image from another site
Beautiful, thank and I am so glad you enjoyed Woodland and I agree with what you said. They are so primal. Feels good to turn others on to music they may come to cherish. Have a great weekend.

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