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I AM Coming Home

When I did not want one
God gave me a man to love.
To believe in me.
To always be there for me.
To love me unconditionally.
This man was more than my husband
He was my friend
He was my companion.
He was the father to my children.
God showed us the way
For a wonderful life
He resisted
Satan came.
He tried to break our family up
But we bonded ever closer still.
Money problems
health problems
Satan was trying,
but our chance had elapsed.
His last breathe was taken.
He said GOODBYE to the earth.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012
About this poem:
poem wrote the day my husband died

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Comments (12)

I'm sorry for your loss....losing someone close is difficult...even when we know there is a plan.hug
jazzy5 you are so true. We were together 18 yrs
You sounded like you was happy, even though surrounded by life's strife.....nice one Kathyteddybear
Hi, adjhe,
I am sorry for your loss. This man was more than my husband He was my friend He was my companion. He was the father to my children. There is a whole lot of loving and living in those lines. Thank you for sharing this great love and this great loss with us.
Thanks for sharing ...heart wings
sorry this is so touchingteddybear
Katrhy you are so correct. There was so much love being showed with God giving us strength.angel dancing
gnuj thank you for your support and comment.head banger sad flower
Morgen thank you for your support with my poetry.dancing angel
breathless thanks for the commentwave teddybear sad flower
Sorry to hear about your lost Adjhe,this is a really heartfelt write...thanks for sharing with ussad flower
Poet thank you for a comment. It has been a rough road up hill. I am proud of what i accomplishedhead banger sad flower teddybear
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