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masquerade (soul goddess challenge)

I walked into a dimly lit party.
I was just going to this party
with some friends.
Quietly i sat down to listen
to the music playing.
All of a sudden i saw you from
across the room.
our eyes met and embraced each
under the mask as we floated
across the room.
Your arm embraced me as you lingeringly
caressed my body on the way down to where
your hand would sit as you glided me
around the dance floor.
Our steps became as one.
It was as if we had always known
each other.
There was no need to say a word
our bodies did the talking for us.
The swaying of the music as you gently
guided me around the dance floor
let me know how much you wanted me.
You gazed into my eyes as if they
were the windows to my soul, my heart.
I could tell you never wanted the
moment to end.
Our bodies seem to be telling a story
as others watched on.
As the song ended we stood there for
a moment mesmerized by each other.
We knew we must let the fantasy go
and come back to reality.
Slowly i pulled myself from the arms
that i had longed for.
I took off my mask and turned back
around to face you.
The man i had let steal my heart
during just one song.
He was more then i could of ever
imaged as i drifted into his eyes.
We spoke for, but a brief moment to
utter I LOVE YOU.
As our arms embraced our love was
met with a happily ever after.
For we knew we would always feel
this way for each other.
We had that once in a life love.
Love at first glance.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2014
About this poem:
fairy tale love.

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Comments (16)

perfectly beautiful, romantic and dreamy, i adore ithug hug kiss
So romantic I so much enjoyed reding your poem thank you for sharing such a beautiful poemhandshake bouquet
You have always had such kind words for me. I appreciate this. May your day be a blessed one.dancing heart wings
Oh my Oh my I got lost in your dream loved it applause
Thank you so much for those kind words. I am so glad you enjoyed it.bouquet dancing
i am so glad you liked this poem. It was such a nice comment.cheers bouquet dancing
Our steps became as one.
It was as if we had always known
each other.
There was no need to say a word
our bodies did the talking for us.

This is fantastic adjhe, I just love these lines. applause hug purple heart
Hi adjhe

A wonderful poem,enjoyed reading

Martina xxxhug bouquet wave
Thanks so much for the positive comment. I am so glad you enjoyed this. May your day be a good one.bouquet dancing applause
Thank you for the positive feedback. May your day be a blessed one. teddybear dancing applause
Mizzy4online today!
Nice story Adjhe,
I like it...........Mick.

wine hug
Wow that ws hot yaykiss: teddybear
popcorn popcorn joy cartwheel gotta go applause applause applause

WOW! FUN-tastic way to dream a fairy tale ;) enjoyed dreaming the dream too!
Thanks for coming to the Masquerade Ballroom Party!
Enjoy the food and wine too wine
Thanks for the comment. Have a great day.dancing
hanks would it be nice to have a fantasy come true thanks for compliment.dancing cheers
Thanks for entering my masquerade ball and enjoying the event. Have a blessed day.dancing
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