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The unarticulated present

Me standing here, right before you
Filled my head with words the whole day
Now wishing my mind could keep any
What can I do? What could I say?

Shy and insecure like seldom before
As you keep staring at me with big eyes
I´m standing, while my mind rushes to the door
To escape, accepting my defeat

Situation gets worse as I try to smile
Looking to the ground right before us
Getting mad about my nervous anxiety
I´m burning in shame and dying in silence

My agony slowly releases the visible
The little details that are obvious for us
As you smile towards me with warm sympathy
Curious about what I hide from you.

A bouquet of flowers for my dearest birthday
Selected and prepared with all my love for her
Forgetting the minutes of my solitude
As you shrug your arms around me to kiss
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
birthdays follow old rituals, but men sometimes get insecure when they want to carry out these traditions. ;-)

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love is the greatest present we may share -
or did you think I was talking about the flowers? heart1
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