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Je t’aime Tomate

You, my precious
Little love apple
How greatly I think
About your every need
Nurtured you when you were
A frail little seed
Gave water to drink

Beautiful, your yellow blossoms
Burst like sunshine
Smells of nectar in the breeze
Attracting all the bees
Bringing me to my knees
To weed and feed you
Stake up your fruited vine

Then your little round
Fruits first appeared
Growing sweet and strong
With each passing cloud
Maybe raindrop would fall
Or waterin’ can come along
A perfect dark green gown

Now, the harvest comes
You give your red globes
Those juicy delicious orbs
Sweetened by the summer
Sun and earthly goddesses
Such fragrance as the herbs
Will make me mummer

At last, in a simmering sauce
Glistening with golden oil
With garlic and shallot
Wash down my waiting palate
With a tall glass of merlot
Des pâtes aux fruits de mer
Become my enlightenment
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2013
About this poem:
Bon appetite!! A little poem about my love affair with growing and eating vine ripened tomatoes.

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Comments (6)

yes tomatoes are the fruits of the earth and a delish treat when your hungry and wont spoil your dinner appetite made me hungry reading thischeers
This is a great and well written piece my friend. I never thought of a tomato so passionately until I read this. Great job...Jessehandshake
Yankee4youonline today! made my day!! Thanks buddy!! grin grin
Yankee4youonline today!
Hey Jesse, everything is sexy nowadays....but nothing even comes close to cooking dinner for a special lady.....handshake handshake
Hi, Yankee4you,
Since my friends have been very generous in sharing their vine-ripe tomatoes, it's going to be tough to return to store-bought ones. Je t’aime Tomate is easy to say when one has garden-fresh ones to enjoy. Thanks for sharing your delightful poem with us. Bon Appetit!
We've only just planted the vines ... looking forward to the harvest to come ... and definitely a glass of merlot goes well

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