Under The Shouting Tree

Meet me under the shouting tree, Beloved
I shall wait for you there,
where dreams become reality
by the power of the prayer.
There, lives will part
and worlds will merge
and bring me to your arms
The Fiddler’s Bride I shall ever be
One mind, one heart, two forms.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2013
About this poem:
Poem to open the last chapter of "Traveler": the third book in the "Chalice Grail Romance" series. There are at least 2 more books in the series and they loop back into my nonfiction autobiographical series: "The Shouting Tree".

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Comments (8)

Dont sit under the shouting tree,
With anyone else but me, anyone else but me laugh cheers
How could I ever? lips
very beautiful visionangel
Thanks very much, Liam! It's like me: Short and sweet. wink
Fine poetry indeed, Ms Callaghan.

Best wishes

Bill wine
I am so pleased you are pleased, Fellsman! Looks like you're ready to play thru. I'll just step into the rough here... batting
I hope i find my shouting tree soon so my dreams can become realitymoping Great one Cailinthumbs up
Sweet and Neat, just go outside and look around. Your Shouting Tree will tell you it's the one.

Any dream will come true if you vow your desire of it with great passion and focus and an undivided heart/mind. The double minded get nothing because they cancel out their own prayers with their ambivalence. Get out there and find your tree. Sit there under and summon your Will. Then Vow and believe. See it happening. Do this until the hair all over your body stands on end and you feel your skin scintillating like electric sparkles all over your head and shoulders and arms. Keep that up as long as you can. This is called "Summoning The Will" and "Raising the Chi". It works, but you must not doubt or have an undecided heart.

Be blessed. teddybear heart wings
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