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My Impossible Dream

Each night I close my weary eyes and dream a happy dream
Of you and I together and a love that might have been.
In my dream I see a mountain, in a land remote and free
And a little cottage on a hill that overlooks the sea.

A cottage, quiet and peaceful where a man may take his wife
And live in perfect harmony, a calm and happy life.
I see us on a golden beach walking hand in hand
And hear the mournful cries of sea birds as they flit across the sand.

The lapping of the gentle surf, the rustling of the palms
The magic of a starry night with you there in my arms
The fairy lights of fishing boats that float across the bay
The pale pink glow that indicates the dawn of a new day.

Then I awake , alas alone to face reality
That you're forever lost to me, my dream can never be.
So 'til tonight I'll say farewell to you and all your charms
When dreams return me once again into your waiting arms.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2016
About this poem:
I wrote this for a very special CS lady, who, unfortunately is on the other side of the world so at the moment it really is an impossible dream. It is up to me to make the impossible happen!
Will I succeed? Only time will tell.

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godsprincessonline today!
Beautiful poem Geri - I hope you succeed. I too wrote a dream poem called Moonbeam and Dreams. Lots of times our dreams get more positive actions then real life.

Thanks for sharing.

Kathy wave
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