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Sailors In the Sky

Vultures on the wing high up in the sky
Careen in flight as they go sailing by
Tracing out patterns of vanishing lines
As they create most exquisite designs

Other birds like eagles, gulls and falcons
Also engage in such exhibitions
Viewing them gives a feeling of freedom
That transcends daily life's din and humdrum

With wings outstretched they effortlessly ride
Rising air currents that support their glide
With angled wings they dip down and then rise
Navigating their way up in the skies

In total mastery of flight they appear
Cavorting and floating up in the air
With the gracefulness of their flight on high
They are true avian sailors in the sky

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Posted: Jan 2017
About this poem:
Since I was a child, I have always admired the effortless gliding of vultures up in the sky.
Among other gliding birds listed are albatross, eagle, condor, stork, frigatebird and seagull.
It is a truly delightful to watch the marvellous gliding action of these birds way up in the sky as they ride the air currents.
This poem is dedicated to them: the genuine avian sailors in the sky.

(I have made some adjustments to the original to include some other gliding birds in the body of the piece).

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Comments (19)

godsprincessonline today!
Beautiful poem Socrates. My favorite is the Bald Eagle I see often in the park where I walk - the park is next to the Susquehanna River!

Kathy teddybear
Socrates; everything you write comes to life before my eyes! that's a special gift! travisdancing
socrates44online today!

Thank you for your lovely comment.

I salute the bald eagle, the U.S. National emblem bird, among the sailors in the sky.

(Thanks for your extra comment seeking to raise the position of this piece.
However, I am removing that comment.)

I must admit that I thought this sonnet would draw others who enjoy watching these sailors in the sky to comment.
socrates44online today!

Thanks for your kind comment, my friend.
Loved reading socrates and yes have seen the sights with seagulls not vultures, but the are vultures just the same their flights make me love them though
All the family of birds are interesting if you take time to observe them!conversing From the common sparrow to the magnificent eagles.....they are creations to grace our world! Wish more people could see them thru eyes of appreciation as you do! Enjoyed your poem.....thumbs up wave
Love your poem where are you from?
nice little observations wine
How lovely,

Always respected the Peregrine Falcon.

socrates44online today!
Hi Red

I have made some adjustments to the original that now includes your seagulls.

Thanks for your comment.
laugh peace thankyou socrates that was wonderbarteddybear
who invented FLYING?
It was the Birds! heart wings
socrates44online today!

Thanks for your comment.

Glad you enjoyed the piece!
socrates44online today!

Glad you love it!

brilliant poem ...oh I do love to watch birds hover and glide...and you captured it beautifully...Kathyteddybear
socrates44online today!

And cheers to you also
socrates44online today!

Thanks for your comment highlighting the peregrine falcon.
socrates44online today!

Yes, it was!

Thanks for your comment.
socrates44online today!

Thank you for your lovely comment.
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