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No Man Is An Island Poem

No Man Is An Island

No man is an island
That's what they say
Seems I've been stranded here forever and a day

A place where friday never came
And no story can be written
About a man with no name

The sunset looks like an echo upon the waves
No one can hear me all my dreams are adrift forever gone
Author unknown
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 19

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Comments (3)

  • godsprincess
    godsprincess Apr 19 Owego, New York USA
    The author is not unknown. You are well known here at CS poetry corner. Such a sad poem. Pray you things will go better for you and for all of us as we patiently wait.

    Kathy wave
  • marikia
    marikia May 1 Tbilisi, Georgia
    No Man Is An Island - that's what the title says and I agree with it.
    Wonderful poem no matter how sad it may seemsigh - sadness is an integral part of our lives!
    Many thanks for the poem!tip hat flower
  • Happychatty1
    Happychatty1 May 1 ....., Lancashire, England UK
    Sad but good poem thanks for sharing it ..all the bestwave
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