A wave ride

Hold on there
Do not let the dark wave
Overpower you
Give in without giving up
Take a ride with it
Let it carry you
Away from the sea of troubles
Under the rain of streaming light
Shout out your pain
Dig it deep into the ground
And the flower will grow
Splash it on canvas
And mix with colors
Pour it on paper
It may turn into a poem
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2018
About this poem:
What I have learned from riding the dark wave

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Abby1963online today!
Love your poem ! Very inspiring .Lifted me up, thanks for Sharing bouquet
godsprincessonline now!
Thank you Yaspark - I have a dark wave trying to overpower me right now. It's called self-pity. I have a torn cartilage in my knee. It is causing swelling and discomfort in it and I really gimping along. Hopefully healing and brighter days ahead! banana

Kathy teddybear
Thank you Abby1963! This helped me get through difficult times, thought it might be of help for somebody else out there struggling.
Kathy - a torn cartilage is no fun, can it heal on its own? Those brighter days - we all are longing for them!
trurorobonline today!
Got it!!, when feelings are low let the pen flow.
You get to know how to make that pen flow...
Very inspirational poem...ride the wave ..thanks for sharing it here wave teddybear
Thank you Happychappy1, for me poems energe sometimes in darkness to help me get out.:
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