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A little bird

Caged in the house
Like a lonely princess
In the grim castle
I strain my ears to hear
“Knock, knock!”
Is he there yet?

Spring is going wild outside
Buzzing and blooming
A little bird
Keeps coming back
To knock on my window
And chirp

I do not know his language
But it sounds like
“Get out, stupid!”
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2019
About this poem:
Once upon a time a little bird kept coming back to my window likely to inspire me to write this poem

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Comments (10)

salamunaonline today!
Liked it Yanka. but maybe you get wrong that knock knock? maybe it means Take it easy and be happy. applause cheering kiss
southmiami4321online now!
You put a smile on my face this morning with your little bird...WE HAVE TO LIVE! NOT IN CAGES! Don't have fear, the world is out there for you, not to get you but to offer you what it has. Be positive but also cautious.cheering
Yep watching nature can inspire us thumbs up
Clever reversal of the norm. Which is the cage (Castle) and who is the captive?

Oh, that is quite possible Salamuna -the bird was on a mission to make me understand something important.
Thank you Southmiami, indeed, spring inspires us to be positive and adventurous.
Thank you RED, so true - we just need to pay attention!
Ru, we likely look line prisoners to all those wild creatures who maintain a normal life despite our presence.
Maybe the little bird keeps tapping on your window because it wants you to feed it, yaspark. Try putting some breadcrumbs out for it.
Pretty sure it had nothing to do with food Harbal. From my experience feeding creatures of all kinds (men included) the first thing I did was to offer a variety of seeds and crumbs All that was ignored, the bird was on a mission to knock and chirp.
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