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by justariusEdmonton, Alberta, CanadaMar 10 comments


When you read the words I write
Do you think they're of my life
Or do you find they are just right
For what you felt in times of strife

Some people often say
Of the words I write each day
Words to try to comfort me
When the words were not of me

I write the words you read
About the world I do concede
Not the stories of just me
The words are yours for you to see

Do they speak to your painful past
Awakening memories not meant to last
Or do you think that they are mine
And you need to tell it will be fine

Read my words with open mind
And like a song that does remind
You of all those days gone by
All I ask of you is try

If my words do make you laugh or cry
I have done my job as I did try
To tell a tale that spoke to you
As only your close memories do

I often get sage advice
Trying to comfort me once or twice
I sigh because I do know
They are speaking to themselves I know

I will not stop writing that’s a deal
For I will put words for you to feel
Your joy or pain from yesteryear
Along with words that I hold dear

March 1, 2020
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 1
About this poem:
A bit of reflection on why I Write.

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