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I Got It Anyway

Now that my heartaches are gone
I'll be moving on
And I'm glad that tomorrow will bring a brand new day
She didn't want to give me closure but I got it anyway

The ending was kind of loud like a motorcycle on a steep grade
And when the noise is over and fumes begin to fade
I'll take a walk and then relax somewhere in the cool shade
And this thing about closure I got it anyway

I guess a woman gets mad when she can't make a guy suffer anymore
And I believe summertime in South Carolina gets hot and such a bore
Here in Kentucky poor folks don't have much to say
But this thing about closure but I got it anyway

Now some people will laugh when they see my old elcamino
Coming down the road in this nice month of may
I'll adjust my rear view mirror to what the noise is behind me
She didn't want to give me closure but I got it anyway
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 16

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southmiami4321online today!
A nice poem my dear Poet. Summer is flourishing with a brand new start.... Bell wellbouquet SM
as the song goes ..keep on walking, don't look back..
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