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A bottle of life

Please tell me sommelier
Is there in your wine list
Such a wine, where
There is a taste of rain
And taste of sun light,
A bit of childish joy,
A bit of sadness
And aftertaste of youth?
No madam, I regret ,
We don't have such bouquet,
The only i can offer you
Is vodka
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 17
About this poem:
Our life is much more prosaic than our desires ..........................

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Comments (5)

southmiami4321online today!
Salamuna, Life sometimes lacks poetic beauty but it is our mission to find that beauty around us. The little moments we enjoy make a big difference. Enjoyed your poem, with deep significant thoughts.SM
Hi Lily ……. Well written with nice thoughts ….regards Nu grin
SM! many thanks for your wise words..right..that s what i am trying to do...Lily heart wings

Nu! thank you for reading and leaving comment. very much appreciated. Lily. wave
Mizzy4online today!
Great imagination used here to get your point across Lily,
What we want and what we get are usually worlds apart.
Enjoyed your poem.....

Regards Mick

wave hug
Many thanks,Mick. . Glad you liked it. Thank you for reading and understanding Greetings from NL. Lily heart wings
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