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Inner beauty

Someday you will understand
The outer sheen
Is nothing compared to inner beauty.
Because all from outside is until
The first rain ...
While what's inside
Is always shining!
Someday you will understand
Many statements
Are just empty sets of words.
Only those ones are true
That are coming from your heart.
Someday you will understand
That kindness and tenderness
Are manifestation
Of inner strength,
Not weakness.
Someday you will understand..
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 26
About this poem:
I hope one day humanity will be able to reach an understanding of true beauty .....

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Comments (15)

nice reflection Salamuna, there are some people out there who mix ugly with obnoxious though, not a great pairing :)
Very powerful poem Lily...

I think it's very apt for the social media driven world that we inhabit...the youth especially...driven by outward appearances.
I hope your message is heard.

Regards Mick.

peace purple heart
applause applause applause applause
The inner beauty shines through if we care to pay attention. Nice poem Lilly!wave:
Nice poem.

Inner and outer beauty. Too bad most people are stuck on the outer beauty.
cheering cheering cheering applause applause applause applause
Many thanks ocean! much appreciated head banger

Mick , I hope it too.. mabe not now...maybe one day. thank you for your understanding. Lily purple heart

Yas, your comments are always very important to me. thank you. Lily heart wings

Letstalkitover- absolutely right! thank you. Lily wave

realdeal890 and john_keats2021 thank you guys for stopping by. wave
godsprincessonline today!
Dear Lily - this poem touches so many things in the world. Living in my country it could cover so many topics: racism, politics, popular idols,etc. The list could go on and on. Some days the world feels like a mess to me but then something bad happens bringing good people together to help and to show their love and support. Thus, giving hope for the future. Thanks for sharing.

Kathy teddybear
Yes, dear Kathy.absolutely right. I ve noticed that in the most difficult moments of my life, I ve met the most wonderful people with a bright inner beauty. So I am grateful to my fate for these lessons. Warm wishes ,Lily heart wings
southmiami4321online today!
True beauty comes from the heart Salamuna. Kindness, patience, compassion are feelings that humans have, sadly others have selfish, cold, evil hearts. When trouble comes along the inner beauty of many rescues those with ugly hearts; it is when they get a lesson to absorb it or walk away from it. Nice reflection on your thoughts in this poem. Thanks for sharing. SMteddybear
Yankee4youonline today!
Nothing we can become is more important than what we always have had inside of us. We are only as good as it gets. This poem is reflects that in real time. Thanks for sharing Lily. wave
Sommai2online today!
I like this inner beauty!!
Heel goed gedaan, Salamuna!!
Wow Sommai. Spreek je Nederlandse taal? Dank je wel. Lily wave
SM thank you for your lovely comment. Much appreciated. Lilywave

Many thanks Chris. Glad you liked it. Lilywave
Sommai2online today!
Ah wel, Lily. Ik spreek nederlands maar niet tot het niveau om het gedicht te schrijven. Spijtig genoeg!!
En U gaat mischien later ook gedichten in het nederlands schrijven? Dann zou ik graag aan de tafel met een coffee en op het gemaakt van jou genieten. thumbs up
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