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Where Once Was Love

A teenage wedding, Halloween,
A Pagan priest, an ancient rite.
There was no one to stand between,
The two of them that autumn night.

He had a job, they got a place,
A second story three room flat.
What otherwise would go to waste,
They furnished their new home with that.

And then there came a baby boy,
Their blessing and again their curse.
He brought into their home such joy,
But finances became much worse.

So there were fights and arguments,
She cheated then and he did too.
The vows that they had never meant,
Were cast aside and they were through.

This happened all so long ago,
The baby boy is now a man.
The teenagers, now gray and old,
Where once was love, now nothing stands.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
My first marriage.

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Comments (8)

Well written....Thankyou......Andrew.
youth is wasted on the young eh?..wave teddybear
"They lived for a while in a very nice style

But it's always the same in the end

They got a divorce as a matter of course

And they parted the closest of friends

Then the king and the queen went back to the green

But you can never go back there again." ---you're that good F.A.L.
Thanks andrew, Ladybee and goodguy! Yeah we were young and dumb, etc... grin
hedistuffonline today!
nice write free...
applauseNicely Done again, Free. . . It always amazes me how a relationship so wonderful and happy can just end so very sadly. . . When Forever turns to No More! . . . Deeply felt . . . Thank you teddybearangel
Tanks hedi and MonaLisaSmile! Long ago and far away...
Very nicely expressed, Free. I never had a wife myself.
Don't send me any tanks!comfort
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