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The Road You Chose

So sorry to see this is the road you chose to take.
It did not have to be.
It was your choice to make.
I still can't help but to pity you.
I know it has all been your own makings.
But now your life is thru.
They don't know it never really started.
Once we were young.
Ran with the same crowd.
Days have gone by.
And you still lived a lie.
You had every chance that any of us had.
Oh lord this is so sad.
What a waste you have been.
Now your life is over this is the end.
What were you ever thinking.
To shoot a man in the face.
That is not something you can take back.
Not something you can erase.
You'll live on in the stories they tell.
By people who have not seen your hell.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
This is written for a man I grew up with. I had not seen him since his mothers funeral twenty years ago. He looked rough then. You could tell his style of choice had removed his once happy gleam in his eye and his handsome looks. What I seen was his mug shot on the news. While he was at work as a security guard on a dare he shot a man in the face. At least that is the story the news is telling. And from what I seen twenty years ago I fear the story is true. So sad. What a waste. He most likely will never see the outside of a jail or mental hospital now. I have turned to his mug shot and thought a million times this week. It could of been my life. I just chose a different road. I wonder what makes someone choose the road they choose. Why would someone not want a life that is good. Satisfying. Happy. Not behind bars. You shoot someone and it is something you cannot take back. The man shot died the next day:-(.

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HGL that is the saddest story i've heard today. why we choose stupidly is unknown to me, beyond fathoming. Ego and pride often take us for fools, what his excuse is, i dunno. Even bad examples are examples. ;-(
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