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Unchained Courage Free At Last

Chained and shackled as if one was a wild beast
The young lady stood in her barefeet
Looking up at the man who sentence her and chose her fate.
Like the sand blowing in a dust storm.
Like an angry sea rushing to the shore.
She had stood here one time before.
Broke free to run some more.
Eyes cast down but not from shame.
Tears flowing but not from fear.
She had no one to blame.
She did what had to be done.
Angry words that were thrown about
She tried to leave but there was no way out.
She searched in vain.
Reached a point of physical pain.
Decided to put an end to this.
Aimed her gun and did not miss.
She refused to explain to the man up high.
He would have to decide on his own.
If her reasons set her free.
Or if she to was doomed to die.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
Title inspired by freeatlast. Thank you :-)

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Comments (9)

HGL4U...this is DEFINITELY NOT writers block. If I were the judge, it'd be hard to decide the fate of the prisoner, the poem however, is much easier a's a keeper! ;-) find a title!
Certainly no writers block, A shiver ran through me when reading this stark poem, handshake
In my mind I have decided to call it Courage Unchained. My interpretation is that an abuser got what he deserved, although sometimes my take on things is way off. Excellent write HGL4u!applause
I block here! "tears flowing but not from fear"
A very strong write HGL thumbs up

Ljj.. cool angel
Happygolucky4uonline today!
Awww you guys are the greatest and so kind. So here's to a titlewine
very nice happy...dark too!
thumbs up bouquet bouquet
Will there be a part two. Was she set free or doomed to die. Nice write. wine
Powerful write, HGL.thumbs up
Wow, i feel much for the young lady..., violence against women is now an epidemic..., not only physical, but emotional as well...
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