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No poem.. A thank you

Greetings to all in the poets corner;

I want to thank everyone that has read my works and made wonderful
comments them. You have made me feel better about myself than I have in years!

As I told a friend I've met in CS, I've been writing for as long I've been able to put words into sentences. But there were but a small handful of people that knew that I wrote. I kept everything, except one story, to myself.

I never expected the warmth, appreciation or support you all have given and shown me. Thank you so very much!!!

There are so many brilliant, talented writers in CS, and I'm pleased, and proud to be able to participate as reader and author.

Thank you with all my heart

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010

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Comments (12)

Though I don't comment often as much as I should, I read the poems here reguarly, yours too peace me thinks your very talented.....
trurorobonline now!
Your crap Dave!!, but thats only my opinion, but then I always was a little liar!!, nice to have you here, great to see so much versatility in the writings, we all feed of each other, thats what makes it so great!.
lol You Rob , were one of the first to encourage me. You'll always be am ulcer!laugh

Thanks again!

And thank you TP. I've enjoyed your works, also!bouquet
I feel exactly the same!hug
Cambuff I always enjoy all your writings, suspensful at times, but I am always glad to see you read one of mine worthy of a comment from you. I thank you for the readings and encouragement as well.
i know im not one to comment but i think you have great poems
And we're privileged to have your a heartfelt thanks for all your contributions. I'm looking forward to reading more of your writing at poets have a wonderful and unique style.wave
Very glad to see you somehow 'blossom' and gain in confidence. pic of you would be great, too.handshake
CJ, I'm getting to the pic. laugh
jazzy, fjames, thank you!

john, you have every right to comment; I thank you for it!

[That goes for the bad, also!]handshake
I'm pretty new here. I injoy your writing. I am thrilled to read everyones work, yours seems to stand out. Keep writing I look forward to experiencing your grasp on words.
I read a lot of times off line so no commentdunno But I try to keep up with some of the talent here. And you are a welcome
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