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I'am A River

Emerging from high up stone
I breath I kick
I start to flow, along the way I begin to grow
I cut a path I do not know
Stones and earth no true foe
I leave them still, on my bed below
I’ve travelled long, wide and far
Turned and twisted
Rose and fell
I smell the sea, danced in it swell
I was a river
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010
About this poem:
Maybe I’m feeling melancholic as I’ve lived over half my life.
Thought I would give poetry ago, as the glove fits the particular hand fate has dealt me.
But hey it’s s beautiful morning now, spirits will rise with the sun.
Thanks for reading, take care, have a nice day, wherever you are.

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Comments (1)

Thankyou LA.....Just think though, all the experience gained, the advantage over those that have yet to learn, why should one be any happier or unhappier in the later part of this life than the previous part?.......ahhh happy times could well be ahead my friend, no matter your circumstances, a lot of it is frame of mind.....I really enjoyed this poem, it is well written, and has a story to tell, without superfluous words to pad it out.....Welcome to Poets Corner.....Kindest regards.....Andrew.
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