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Does Anybody Know Why This Carnegie Professor Said This About Queen Elizabeth1,76151Sep 8
Queen Elizabeth Through The Years3047Sep 8
Trump Under Investigation For Potential Obstruction of Justice And Espionage Violations2553Aug 12
Amazon dot com51519Aug 1
Transgender Woman ??98730Jul 19
A Video That Will Make Your Heart Cry2446Jul 17
Beware If An Orange Dot Shows Up On Your Phone Screen3133Jul 13
"You can't even go to a store, you can't even go to school, now you can't go to the doctor?"32819Jun 2
She Said She Didn't Do It4327Jun 3
Taps Across America On Memorial Day1431May 29
Marital Rape94824May 5
Little People Doing Funny Things To Make You Laugh28314Dec 2021
The Artist Who Uses Tape Instead Of A Paintbrush3626Apr 11
I Really Didn't Want This To Happen1,24940Apr 1
Officer Kim Potter Made A Mistake.......A Very Bad Mistake1,18443Dec 2021
Nancy Pelosi......UGH !!3918Feb 4
Famous Movies Lines Not In The Script That Made The Movie Famous1960Jan 29
UPDATE......Crime Does Pay2682Jan 28
Looking For A Suggestion1,32040Jan 26
Andrew Cuomo Got Away With It !!1255Jan 4
What Is The Last Movie You Saw In 2021 On TV Or The Theatre38917Jan 1
Another Member of CS Has Passed On1,84339Jun 2021
If You Could Be Invisible41719Dec 2021
No Surprise......They Got What They Deserved2513Nov 2021
OMG..... Another Thread About Being Nice83623Nov 2021
Do You Trust Your Gut Instinct Or Do You Ignore It?1,34754Oct 2021
"Get Baked" Bakery In Northern England Can't Use Sprinkles From The U.S.3472Oct 2021
Son Of A Beech44613Oct 2021
Covid - This Is What It Has Come To - Violence !!48315Sep 2021
A Good Reason Not To Sleep Naked87930Sep 2021
We All Know Where We Were on Sept. 11, 2001...........I remember where I was......Do you?55018Sep 2021
Happy Birthday America1,94275Jul 2021
Did He Do still the question99629Jun 2021
Taps Across America At 3 p.m. on Memorial Day 20213139May 2021
Whatever Works To Feed Your Baby1,17850May 2021
Lifestyle In Dubai3312May 2021
No More Puppy Dog Eyes.......This Cat Knows How To Smooze You Out Of Your Money2852May 2021
The Can You Believe This Thread47211May 2021
Bernie Madoff Ponzi Schemer Died Today2403Apr 2021
Easter Bunny For CS Peeps To Share3646Apr 2021

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