RE: What's the worst thing...................................

I bit into a large strawberry and found a wiggling worm. The whole worm was intact which means I didn't bite it. From that time I always cut strawberries and never bite into a whole strawberry

RE: happy mood

Hearing children laughing brings me a great amount of joy.

When my daughter says, I love you too makes me very happy.

RE: women's love vs men's love

I don't agree with your critique of how men and women love.

In my opinion men love very hard, meaning that if he gets to the point that he loves her it usually means he would die for her. A man's love doesn't "extinguish very quickly". It takes a long time for a man to let go of the walls he puts up to fall in love. Men think of women as property which comes from a time many years ago so if he loses a woman that he loves he feels he has lost everything that ever mattered to him. If she betrays a man who loves her a man will be shattered internally but would never show that emotion publicly. Men do not fall in love because of intimate encounters. Their standards are much higher than physical interaction.

In my opinion, some women fall in love quickly. With their first intimate encounter she is already thinking that she could love him. Women are impressed if the man is nice to her and if she thinks that he will protect her. She imagines him as the father of her children. She thinks of him as "a good man" if he pays attention to her with phone calls, texts, etc. Women are emotional in a breakup and they show the heartbreak to friends and might go into seclusion for awhile but most usually move on to find someone else quickly but not all of them.

RE: Touch Right Here with your Filthy Fingers!

In reference to your description as powerful, a male partner I had described it as the most fiercest sneeze he ever had each

RE: Butterfly-Effect in life

I doubt the first man who walked on the man compared his life achievement to a Diploma.

Just When You Thought You Have Heard It All .....

What this woman did isn't about birth control because she is an evil woman who thinks of no one but her own comfort. She didn't make a mistake and leave the baby on the back seat in her car. She made a CHOICE to leave the baby alone to fight for it's last breath and subsequently die of malnutrition.

The Bible says........Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. So, will she die of not being able to breath. Will she die of never getting another morsel of food. She won't die of malnutrition because even though prison food is bad at least she will get something to eat. And I will pay for it. I will pay for the cot she sleeps on at night. I will pay for the doctor and dentist she needs. I will have to pay for her medication. My taxes will pay for everything needed to keep her alive.

I would gladly pay for the medication to fill the three vials when she lays down on the gurney and takes her last breath the same way her baby did.

Just When You Thought You Have Heard It All .....

This "mother" (term used loosely) went on a 10 day vacation with her boyfriend and left her 16 month old baby home alone in the playpen.

The baby didn't have any milk or food nor was it getting it's diaper changed. It tried to eat it's own feces because it was so hungry.

Mothers kill their baby in various ways but I never could imagine a mother doing this. This child died a long and painful death, afraid and alone, while her mother enjoyed the beach and sun with her boyfriend.

This story is gut wrenching. The judge gave her what she deserves for torturing her 16 month old child. I'm glad that she got a life sentence rather than the easy way out. I hope that she suffers beyond belief each day while in prison.

When she goes to prison I don't think she will be hanging around with the women chatting and laughing in a knitting circle.

sad flower teddybear

RE: Thinking Out loud #2

comfort bouquet teddybear

I also feel like crap with a headache, post nasal drip, and the usual ungodly back pain very mad

RE: This is a good one!---rights, rights, rights......

I agree ^^

When I moved to North Carolina I was shocked out of my mind when I saw a dog on a leash in a grocery store that had an open salad bar. I asked someone about it and was told, that's the way it is. Service dog, support dog or just Lassie didn't want to stay home that day, all dogs are allowed in any store in this state. These dogs range from 3 lb Chihuahuas to 60 lb Golden Retrievers. I love Golden Retrievers but I still don't want him in my grocery store.

When Covid was rampant people had to wear a mask but the dog didn't and yet he had fleas, bugs, mites or just dirt on his paws and maybe some stuck on poo on his backside that flew off into the air and landed on my salad ingredients. Interestingly I've never seen a cat in a grocery store.

RE: They wished me to wake up alone for the rest of my life

Fine with me to wake up alone or go to sleep alone. The snoring was enough to drive me crazy.

IF I ever had another relationship to live together it would be a definite must to have separate bedrooms for sleeping.

RE: Complaint to CS administration

Cheers to you as well wine hug wave

RE: Complaint to CS administration

I do remember something like that but it must have been a long time ago. You don't have to look for it.

RE: Complaint to CS administration

Oxy, please refresh my memory what I said about ghostbustersdunno

RE: Complaint to CS administration

Spitz, I saw that today that I have to log in and the threads at the bottom of the forum page are shaded so I can't read them. I should practice what I said a few days ago that if I don't like something about CS I should keep it to myself. However, this requirement to login is the exception, I am not keeping it to myself that it annoys me that I have to login so I am going to cancel my membership. It's not a big deal cause I'm not here as much as I was years ago. wave

RE: Thinking Out loud #2

I've had it now for three weeks. It's also known as Vertigo. Sometimes it lasts for three or four months. It's caused by a blockage in the inner ear canal. There is an at home treatment I can do myself called the Epley Maneuver. It's a horrible feeling when I raise my body to get out of bed the rooms spins. The worst thing to do is close your eyes but the feeling of nausea makes me want to lay back down.

RE: Complaint to CS administration

How do you know that they didn't investigate the complaint?

CS knows who makes habitual complaints. People who complain about every little thing won't get anywhere with a post being deleted because CS reads the post and also reads how everybody else reacted to the post. If that person is the only one complaining chances are their complaint is ignored. I've seen times when the majority of posts in a thread were deleted because of fights and bad language.

If the post is removed CS must think it was inappropriate. They don't have tell tell you that you were a bad boy. They gave you a free site to write threads and post to other threads. And yet you think CS should get in a discussion with you why the thread was deleted. Get a grip and forget about CS fluffing your feathers.

And, be glad that CS didn't kick you out for complaining about them. They don't like thatscold They won't even warn you that you are kicked out. One day you will try to log on and see that your profile is gone.

If you don't like what CS does keep it to yourself hole

RE: A song for whomever..

For my son-in-law the best friend I ever had.sigh

RE: Thinking Out loud #2

If you're right then both teams missed the big gamelaugh

You made a boo boo comfort heart beating

RE: Daily Chuckle II

He said he didn't look at her but now he has a Pinocchio nose for lying liar

RE: Is any group of people responsible for the loss of fun contributors & thumbsdown in the cs forums?

Maybe it's only thumbs up in the blogs because aren't the blogs supposed to be about the person's life, what they do, what they did, etc. I was set straight in no uncertain terms many years ago that a thread I wrote in the blogs that would have encouraged a discussion didn't belong there. I felt the slap in my face. In the forums we discuss subjects that open the door to discussion and unfortunately up and down thummies.

Thumbs up or down don't get under my skin. If I get down thumbs it's probably because someone doesn't like me and I'm okay with that. If I get thumbs up my head doesn't swell to make me think somebody agrees with what I said.

Thumbs up or down don't serve a purpose other than making people irate and wanting to blow a fuse. People don't like it when others find fault with them.

RE: How far will Trump get after Iowa?

DeSantis ended his presidential bid !!

Now it's Biden, Haley and Trump sigh

RE: What changes do you want in CS?

Members on CS have ups and downs in their lives and sometimes people need a break from the social world. Not everybody is looking for a significant other. There are some who just want to break bread and join in a conversation that interests them.

RE: Is any group of people responsible for the loss of fun contributors & thumbsdown in the cs forums?

Hi Bod wave

Vinny will always have a special place in my heart. When I joined CS in 2006 people hated me because they thought I was a troll. Vinny defended me based on my posts and my name at the time which was Snuggles. I didn't know Snickers well but like Ambrose all three men were intellectuals who knew how to join in a conversation of a subject that mattered or get in a back and forth session of nagging each other.

One of my favorite threads that Vinny wrote was called Ask Auntie Vinny. Members would ask Auntie a question and Auntie would answer with the funniest answers. Another thread a female wrote was asking the males to wear a thong and post it. If I remember correctly Ambrose did post a pic of him wearing a thong and it was the laugh of the day.

I joined CS in 2006 and had a great time posting and writing threads. It all changed when Facebook arrived because so many members left. I'm not on Facebook so I stayed here but over the years the environment wasn't as friendly as it used to be so I made myself scarce. Bodleing climbs rock walls and Conrad writes funny jokes so I look for them when I need a pick me up. .gotta go

RE: Is any group of people responsible for the loss of fun contributors & thumbsdown in the cs forums?

Don't forget Snickers and Vinny

RE: What Pisses You Off

People who park in handicapp parking spaces and then actually run into the store.

Very loud music in grocery stores

People who smoke right outside the door of a professional building but the sign says they should be 25 ft. from the building

RE: What changes do you want in CS?

I miss making jigsaw puzzles and putting them together that other members make.
CS no longer has software for jigsaw puzzles.
It would be great if they would add software for jigsaw puzzles.

RE: I decided to lease a little 2023 hybrid automobile. Do you like it?

Hey Sweetie........Ro has the tendency to bad mouth instead of just disagreeing. Don't let it bother you. I love your car cause it reminds me of Bond's Astim Martin.wave

RE: Kaybee wishes everyone a Happy New Year

The Bug in a Rug is back applause heart wings

My condolences for your mother Kaybee. I lost my son in law in October and the pain is still fresh.

I hope you get your smile back and that the hole in your heart will heal quickly.comfort

Wishing you well my little bug hug teddybear

RE: Will every State want Trump off the ballot?

I vehemently do not want Trump in the White House again but I think I should bring one sentence to your attention.

The Constitution says "But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability."

Meaning, Congress can prevent him from running again. Not the public and not each state individually asking the Supreme Court to prevent him from running.

However, the public can keep him out by not voting for him on election day.

RE: After 10 years

The gratification they get is that they upset you, they want to believe that they ruined your day. And the more people write threads about how upset they are with scammers it gives them motivation to keep doing it. They could be 12 year old boys just wanting to raise hell with their boring life. Don't give them ammunition to upset you.

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