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RE: Name Five to Ten Movies you have watched Three or more Times.

Go Set A Watchman was written before To Kill A Mockingbird. The author stopped writing in the middle of Watchman and started writing Mockingbird but she died before she could finish it.

A family member finished writing Watchman and took a different view of how Atticus Finch felt about black people. That is why Ken says you will be disappointed if Atticus Finch is your hero.

RE: Name Five to Ten Movies you have watched Three or more Times.

I forgot three movies ...

American Gangster
Man on Fire
Book of Eli

RE: Name Five to Ten Movies you have watched Three or more Times.

Not any particular order ...

Draft Day
Bohemian Rhapsody
The Help
Hidden Figures
The Martian
The Godfather (all three parts)
The Dark Knight
The Departed
African Queen
Dr. Strange

RE: The Buddha says You Need Do Only One Thing To Find “The One” Perfect Match.

There are several things that will help find the one who will fulfill your life and one of them is compassion for people. Coincidentally that is the last sentence I wrote in my thread about 9/11.

When you recognize that people have feelings, even those that you don't like, you still need to remember that they have a heart, they can be hurt with words.

When a man or woman sees how you treat people he/she gets an idea of what makes you tick.


That is hilarious rolling on the floor laughing

RE: I'm Thinking #2

You have nothing to apologize for Dee. If you feel you are being harassed by certain people remember CS has given us the option to report them. bouquet

RE: Groomer protest at lack of benefits

I agree with Bod, it was very good sarcasm wave

RE: Boxsets/series/movies

If you really, really want to get into a good American western Yellowstone is the answer.
Of course Kevin Costner is the lead. He plays the part of John Dunne who owns 500 thousand acres of land in the West of the United States. Builders are trying to take the land away from him to build hotels and an airport. The Indian Nation wants to take the land away from him because it was there's first. The Dunne ranch has been there for 7 generations.

Here's the problem for you Irish. Seasons 1, 2 and 3 have already been filmed. I binged on all three seasons last week because Season 4 starts in November 2021. You won't know what's going on if you don't watch all three seasons in advance of Season 4.

This is the actual house that is on the ranch. Unfortunately the Dunne's don't own it anymore.

Magnificent house. The property is primal, horses, bison, cowboys smitten You would love cowboy Jamie.

RE: Texas has changed it's abortion laws

Thank you GLW for responding to the point of why the OP wrote the thread. He wanted to point out that the way the abortion law changed is that the doctor and the assistant can now be reported for performing the procedure and serve a fine and/or jail.

I'm sorry that you are offended Cel but you definitely misread my post. I copied an article of how a woman can still get pregnant even if she is on the pill. It is about the science of her body.

NO I absolutely would NOT report the doctor and his assistant for performing an abortion.

Women make choices for their bodies. For a government entity to say what she can and cannot do is against the First Amendment which says we all have freedom of expression.

I'm done with the subject handshake

RE: Texas has changed it's abortion laws

You guys are all still talking about Roe v. Wade which is about outlawing abortion.

The law in Texas is not about stopping abortions. It is about putting doctors and assistants in jail for performing the procedure.

What are your thoughts about that? That's what the thread title is about.

If you were Ms./Mr. everyday citizen and knew that a doctor and his assistant performed the procedure for an abortion would you report it to the authorities?

RE: Texas has changed it's abortion laws

You guys are all still talking about Roe v. Wade which is about outlawing abortion.

The law in Texas is not about stopping abortions. It is about putting doctors and assistants in jail for performing the procedure.

What are your thoughts about that?

If you were Ms./Mr. everyday citizen knew that a doctor and his assistant performed the procedure for an abortion would you report it to the authorities?

RE: Favorite “Little House On The Prairie” episode

RE: Texas has changed it's abortion laws

Perfect example of lack of compassion. So if she is raped and said yes I take the pill every day are you going to say that's too bad and throw her to the wolves? There are reasons why pregnancy happens even when taking the pill.

Success and failure rates of birth control pills
Birth control pills are 99 percent effective with “perfect use,” which means taking the pill at the same time every day without missing a dose. “Typical use” is how most women take the pill, and then it’s about 91 percent effective. Both combined o*al contraceptives and progestin-only pills (also known as the mini pill) have a typical failure rate of 9 percent.

Many women accidentally miss a dose or forget to start a new pack of pills. When that happens, the chances for an accidental pregnancy go up.

What causes birth control to fail
Certain conditions or behaviors can increase the likelihood that your birth control won’t be as effective at preventing pregnancy.

If you can’t remember to take your pill at the same time every day, you increase your risk of pregnancy. Birth control pills are designed to maintain a constant level of hormones in your body. If you skip or miss a dose, you hormone levels can drop quickly. Depending on where you are in your cycle, this may cause you to ovulate. Ovulation can increase your chances of becoming pregnant.

Reckless alcohol consumption can also cause birth control failure. While under the influence, some women may forget to take their pill at the correct time. If you vomit too soon after taking your pill, your body may not be able to absorb any of the hormones. This can result in a drop in your hormone levels, which could trigger ovulation.

Taking another medication or supplement at the same time as your birth control pill can also affect the pill’s effectiveness.

We All Know Where We Were on Sept. 11, 2001...........I remember where I was......Do you?

I was home recovering from surgery. The phone rang and woke me up. It was my daughter calling to say that a plane hit the World Trade Center. I heard what she said but I figured it was a very small plane that probably clipped a corner of the building.

I got out of bed and turned the tv on. What I saw was unbelievable. The second tower was falling just as I turned the tv on. My first thought was......this can't be happening. It happens in other countries, not the United States.

Up to that point I took it for granted that Americans were safe. I was so scared that later on in the day I got in my car and looked for a church that had open doors. I felt that I needed to be in the hands of God even though I'm not a religious person. I imagined that America was going to be overrun with tanks and soldiers from other countries killing all of us.

It could happen again but not in the same way. There is a bigger chance of homegrown terrorists causing damage and death that will take years for us to come out of.

For three days I have recorded every program on tv about 9/11. One program was about women who were pregnant and the children they gave birth to soon after 9/11 happened. Today I watched the last one that I recorded yesterday. It was the reading of the names at the Reflecting Pools. It will tear at your heart to hear the names of 2,977 people who died at the Towers.

I went to Ground Zero a few months after it happened. It was a bitter cold day in January 2002. The line of people was long waiting three hours to get to the place where two big holes in the ground were where two towers once stood.

I also went to see the Reflecting Pools a site that took my breath away seeing all those names etched in granite.

If people of the world want to have a better tomorrow we need to live a compassionate life today.sad flower

RE: Photos of many who died on 9/11

Conrad, #13 makes me bawl everytime I see it.crying

RE: Texas has changed it's abortion laws

Has anyone bothered to actually read what the new abortion law is about.

It is not only about prohibiting abortion for rape or incest. The new law is about suing a doctor or assistant who performs the abortion.

Anyone who knows that a doctor or nurse has performed the abortion can report it.

This not about Roe v. Wade. This is totally different.

A Good Reason Not To Sleep Naked

It's my specialty laugh

A Good Reason Not To Sleep Naked

The point the article is making is that when you sleep naked and fart you spray fecal matter on your sheets and your partner. If you have morning sex you are rolling around in that fecal matter. uh oh

A Good Reason Not To Sleep Naked

Getting a good night's sleep is a crucial part of your overall health and well-being. Part of that includes snoozing in optimal conditions — i.e., keeping your room cool, eliminating noise and light, and sleeping in breathable, comfy fabrics. Or maybe you like to sleep sans pajamas altogether — a solid move to help keep your body temp regulated and prevent you from waking up tangled in your nightshirt, right?

Well, according to one viral TikTok video, you should never sleep naked — or at least without underwear on — and the reason is bound to gross you out. Anthony Youn, M.D., a Michigan-based board-certified plastic surgeon, recently shared some intel on TikTok, revealing that when you fart, you're spraying tiny amounts of fecal matter. That means if there's no clothing barrier between you and your bed, you're potentially transmitting bacteria and germs onto your sheets, your body, and your sleeping partner. Ick.

"The average person passes gas 15 to 25 times a day, and this can happen while you're sleeping," says Dr. Youn in the clip, which has been viewed over 11 million (!) times. "A scientific study proved that every time you pass gas, you're spraying a tiny amount of fecal material."

"This is true even if it's not a real shart," he clarifies (yes, really) in the clip, adding, "that same study showed your tighty-whities will catch all of these particles. So, for the sake of your bed partner, please sleep with your underwear on."

But before you panic, it's worth diving a bit deeper into the study Dr. Youn is referencing. Published in British peer-reviewed medical journal The BMJ, the 2001 study was conducted by a physicist and a microbiologist who were curious about whether or not human farts actually do transmit illness-causing germs — or if they simply smell unpleasant.

They invited two participants to fart into Petri dishes (aka a transparent dish typically used by scientists) — one wearing pants and one not. When left to sit overnight, the latter Petri dish sprouted two types of bacteria, while the former didn't, appearing to confirm that wearing underwear and/or pants prevents bacteria from being, er, released.

However, the docs noted that neither type of bacteria is harmful, comparing it to the "friendly" bacteria found in yogurt, so there's no reason to be alarmed. Dr. Youn himself confirmed that there's "little to no risk of these bacteria being harmful to us while we sleep" — so why, exactly, does he recommend not sleeping sans underwear?

"Just because it's kind of gross when you think about it," Dr. Youn tells Shape. Okay, so backing up (sorry!) just a bit — it's worth clarifying that farting is an absolutely normal digestive process, and there's no reason to feel embarrassed or try to hold it in whether you're awake or asleep.

"This is a normal part of digestion or breakdown of your food by the microbiome that lives in your gut," says Samantha Nazareth, M.D., F.A.C.G., a New York-based gastroenterologist. "Some people describe it as passing 'wind' and that is a pretty good description. It is like passing air from below, but this type of air is made up of particles like nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and methane. The equivalent from the other direction is belching or burping."

She adds that while it is true that the average person passes gas 15 to 25 times while they're awake, "that number can vary depending on diet — we all know what happens when we eat lots of beans." Both docs note that there's no solid research about farts during sleep, with Dr. Nazareth adding, "most people aren't aware of passing gas unless they have a partner who is still awake in bed to notice."

RE: Rant of the day!!!

The proposed building shares its name with the original 5 World Trade Center, which was heavily damaged as a result of the collapse of the North Tower during the September 11 attacks and was later demolished.

RE: Photos of many who died on 9/11

This is a video about two fighter pilots who were called to duty on Sept. 11th to stop Flight 93 from going into the Capitol or White House.

They didn't have time to load their planes with missiles so they developed a way to top the plane which would mean giving up their lives.

RE: Photos of many who died on 9/11

2,977 just from the two towers
70 on Flight 175 (Shanksville)
189 in the Pentagon

sad flower

We All Know Where We Were on Sept. 11, 2001...........I remember where I was......Do you?

Thank you Conrad for the beautiful poem.
Coincidentally, I have this picture hanging on my wall in a 8x11 black frame.

Embedded image from another site

RE: Christmas is coming.

laugh laugh

It was only fair that I give you Chris cause I binged all weekend on 3 seasons of Yellowstone meaning I spent the weekend with Kevin smitten

RE: Christmas is coming.

wave Guess what's in the package

Wait for it

Wait for it

Wait for it

Wait for it

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We All Know Where We Were on Sept. 11, 2001...........I remember where I was......Do you?

Could I please ask you and anyone else who wants to talk about politics to remember this is a memoriam thread not the usual political fighting. I know you posted earlier saying where you were and I thank you for that. Please .... wave

We All Know Where We Were on Sept. 11, 2001...........I remember where I was......Do you?

I just needed to get away from the toxic environment for awhile. I'm being careful which threads I post least I thought I was careful until I posted in the Me Me Me thread couple days ago. Someone who I never thought would be cruel showed their true colors. Those posts are gone now.

Thanks for the welcome back sugar pie.hug

RE: Would you get married to an atheist partner?

I was married to an atheist and it didn't affect our marriage because we didn't talk religion. For someone who didn't believe in God he was in a church more than you would think an atheist would do. Christmas Eve we went to church, when our daughter was baptized he was in a church and we got married in a church.

Before we got married he told me that he didn't believe in God and that he would believe if there was proof that God existed. He contradicted himself because he also told me that when he was in the Korean "war" he said that if he was in a foxhole he prayed to God to watch over the troops.

RE: all for me for dinner

That's what I'm talking about thumbs up Beautiful roasted chicken Tom.
I eat that all the time. I can stretch a roasted chicken for days.....dinner, sandwiches, chicken salad, nibble on little pieces instead of potato chips.

We All Know Where We Were on Sept. 11, 2001...........I remember where I was......Do you?

Before you guys start jumping on me that the anniversary of 9/11 is a week away please hold back your comments

I lost track of the date because there are many programs on tv about Sept. 11th.

Maybe you will remember this thread next weekend when it really is the anniversary.

My Best To You All bouquet

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