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New..job, home, and relationship! Wow!24710Oct 2017
Went back to ex-wife.1,70647Oct 2017
Where is Morgan? I must find Morgan.91919May 2017
Finally a use for the Kardashians!55224Aug 2017
Gender equality, you say!70439Aug 2017
Saving money....cutting corners64126Aug 2017
Politics, Politics,....where is the love?94845Jul 2017
you can't make this stuff up!! I should be a healthy man!!48210Jul 2017
Horror Movie Buffs95844May 2017
Vatican police busted drug-fueled gay orgy at top priest's apartment60927Jul 2017
Love isn't about taking prisoners...51325Jun 2017
Would it be fair to say:45616Jun 2017
Thanks to old CS friends.50612Oct 2016
Sex in horror movies.....WTF?67517Jun 2017
Would have been my 4th wedding anniversary today. I am sad.3198Jun 2017
Hard to fathom..s*xual is not allowed to even be spelled on a Dating Site.80265Jun 2017
Never leave the house....32115Jun 2017
my apologies to all women....81137Jun 2017
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band2094Jun 2017
Love Yourself First.........REALLY?69139May 2017
Over 60?51226May 2017
Happy Victory our Canadian Friends32710May 2017
Think I am going to lay low for a couple of days76431May 2017
What makes you stop dead in your tracts!63642May 2017
Why argue?...Why raise voices?72940May 2017
Lots and lots of dating sites....why did you chose CS?1,30135May 2017
"...I once had a girl..." Beatles34711May 2017
Not here to change anyone's mind.1,10058May 2017
How did you come by the name you use on CS?1,36251May 2017
Why Jesus??1,03452May 2017
When is chocolate..chocolate?2,074146May 2017
Just had my cable turned off!32514May 2017
Never met a man I didn't like....Will Rogers1502May 2017
WWIII..................................already here?2147May 2017
What is a "successful" relationship?1,13672May 2017
Missing Americans3,597134Oct 2016
Back again2,23355Sep 2016

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