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Is Croatia tired of winning ?1,47279Jul 11
Khan would fly a balloon of a " baby Donald Trump"2,857109Jul 9
The Patriot Spring / Is the power in the hands of the people or not??1,858115Jul 3
Unlawfully Imprisoned! Whistle Blower Kept in Prison Beyond Release Date1,31960Jul 6
72 Virgins. Sex funtasies ?2,723145Jul 7
BANNING THE BIBLE - BILL AB 2943 ?1,52988Jun 24
Visegrád Group(V4) - An Alliance of Brothers. The First one standing & defending Europe!55437Jun 30
Would you rather have Women's Rights or Islam ?5,772363Apr 2018
The Globalist Media Are Starting to Panic!!!2,433120Jun 2018
"America First" - (to Mr R.. )1,60883May 2018
Islamic Blasphemy Sharia law M 103 in Canada3,646193May 2018
"Enigma Broz" was one of the leading persons in NWO hierarchy during 20 century23613Apr 2018
What is the REAL AGENDA ? The Refugee Migration Crisis to Build the New World Order ?3,012175Mar 2018
What is our experience of Emotional intelligence ?2,346133Mar 2018
What inspiers you in people,in life ?3,103185Feb 2018
What are characteristics of a men who secretly hates women ?3,575152Oct 2017
If there are no "infidels" left, who will pay for welfare ???1,20946Apr 2017
Did Feminist supremacy become Narcissism entitlement of righteousness ?3,817168Aug 2017
Happy Birthday ARIES !74022Apr 2017
"Hitler was a Christian" is a sophist argument intended to attack and shame Christians.1,74089Apr 2017

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