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a million dollar question . . .2830Nov 2009
it's a two cow story .3670Oct 2008
a serious conversation . . . .1,42651Oct 2008
Dear friends . . .87112Sep 2008
have a lovely evening.1,44930Sep 2008
An all time great !6777Sep 2008
Do you feel it is ok for your mate to have lunch with an old bf / gf?81816Sep 2009
Who here is a VIRGO?2,059131Aug 2009
Happy New Year 2009 Thread1,72379Dec 2008
I throw out today69610Nov 2008
Well done Lewis6224Nov 2008
Is it better to be loved or to love ???? :)4,176169Nov 2008
Iceland82916Oct 2008
Emergency emergency1,60570Oct 2008
On line petition for 'un-hide' his profile..2,00671Oct 2008
just three good things...........1,08933Oct 2008
The Joy Of Talking To One Self1,61751Oct 2008
New STOCK MARKET Terms .............. :)78412Oct 2008
Goodnight Folks thread4,902161Oct 2008
What must a man do to make Mirodenia happy??2,98786Oct 2008
SERIOUS QUESTION6,441241Oct 2008
My dream love, cows and sandwiches thread1,40945Oct 2008
Why do you think women like Lagoona?2,454101Sep 2008
its not the same without lagoona1,87464Sep 2008
Happy Birthday CONRAD!1,38027Sep 2008
What is Mirodenia doing now?3,102127Sep 2008
BEST of CS4,267105Sep 2008
Saturday evening1,26531Sep 2008
No Sex please, just romance...2,55186Sep 2008
I feel like getting down and dirty...1,96779Sep 2008
Where do you want the CS New Years Eve Party to be organized?3,704106Sep 2008
A room with a view.97112Sep 2008
Singles in Helsinki!1,35725Sep 2008
Will Zimbabwe Ever Get Better?88319Sep 2008
What do you think Rusty is doing now?2,12258Sep 2008
Lets get together again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!3,749117Sep 2008
Looking for young & talented Swedish men for a volleyball team!78213Sep 2008
What do you think Phoenix is doing now?3,890181Sep 2008
EU Forum - New Years Eve Party3,31552Sep 2008

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