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Dissociative Identity Disorder

Dissociative Identity Disorder

What a fancy name for a split personality! It is something we see a lot of here on CS; each with its own age, race, nationality, gender etc. Just like in the real world. But quite unlike in the real world where the host cannot control...

Be Careful Of What You Write

Be Careful Of What You Write

In real life you have to place a guard on your tongue. When on-line, your tongue is pretty ineffective, but what you write (type?) is as good as coming from your mouth. Writing reveals your soul. It strips your flesh bare to the bone f...

Your Profile And You

Your Profile And You

Does your profile reflect the way you see yourself or the way other people see you? If you think that it is the same thing then you have another think coming. You are only who you think you are if most other people more or less agree with that view.:...

Im New On This Site

I’m New On This Site.

You are? Well then, welcome to CS. I’ve been here for a while and I happen to hear from lots of beautiful young lassies like you who are new here. It is always so amazing to notice how new girls fumble for the right words; it must be nerves. Y...

What Are They Hiding From

What Are They Hiding From?

I can understand that anybody has the right to hide his profile as he sees fit. After all, CS gives us the option to do so and there is no rule forbidding it. I’m not condemning it as wrong; it just puzzles me. This is especially so whe...

What Does Your Profile Try To Tell Us

What Does Your Profile Try To Tell Us?

I’m sure most of us have viewed a few profiles while on dating sites. Sometimes we just scan it briefly or maybe only partially while other times we read it attentively. Sometimes you may read it even several times. What is it that makes you pay...

CS Profiles

CS Profiles.

After a few months on CS you have probably seen a few profiles. Some say too little, some tell you too much. Others are cute, some are sincere, and many look just too good to be true – and probably are. When creating an online profile, you...

Marilyn Monroe Was A Fake

Marilyn Monroe Was A Fake

That’s right; she never existed. Almost like some CS profiles. She used the picture of somebody else. It was a plot instigated by Nazi fugitives hiding in South America to scam the American president. For all the disappointed Marilyn fans...

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