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Tag NameAllWomenMenBlogsVideoseCardsCreatedTagged
Seizures711Nov 10Nov 10
diabetes47211Mar 2012Nov 10
ptsd50211Jan 2016Nov 10
OCD811Nov 10Nov 10
depression744121Apr 2010Nov 10
anxiety553111May 2010Nov 10
Never ask for money2922Jul 18Nov 10
Never take me for a fool2822Jul 18Nov 10
hopeless romantic105211Feb 2009Nov 10
going to yard sales4422Aug 2010Nov 10
searching for love7622Jul 2010Nov 10
talkative122321Oct 2009Nov 10
beach nature romance53211Jun 2010Nov 10
going out for dinner84211Jun 2010Nov 10
love being a mom4722Aug 2012Nov 10
old-fashioned5722Apr 2012Nov 10
lookin 4 a good man5022May 2012Nov 10
against domestic violence against women63211Apr 2013Nov 10
love hot cars4322Sep 2012Nov 10
truthful trustworthy and faith64211Aug 2011Nov 10
single and searching55211Dec 2010Nov 10
romantic movies71312Jun 2013Nov 10
cooking and baking84321Jan 2012Nov 10
being outdoors120321Aug 2009Nov 10
no mind games103312Oct 2009Nov 10
healthy living108321Mar 2010Nov 10
site seeing73321Feb 2009Nov 10
texting864121Mar 2008Nov 10
quiet evenings83321Oct 2005Nov 10
country walks89321Jun 2014Nov 10
disabled2566312Jul 2010Nov 10
weekends away141431Nov 2009Nov 10
faithfulness140422Jul 2012Nov 10
thrift store shopping120431Jan 2012Nov 10
dinner and a movie223422Jun 2011Nov 10
emotional234112315May 2009Nov 10
old fashioned27983221Oct 2009Nov 10
truthful174514Feb 2010Nov 10
sewing2327412Jun 2005Nov 10
longterm relationship201541Aug 2013Nov 10
Fun loving family oriented259624Jan 5Nov 10
no games only honesty244642Feb 2014Nov 10
loving woman looking for a loving man207651Mar 2014Nov 10
big heart253734Aug 2009Nov 10
old movies227752Sep 2005Nov 10
chinese food220853May 2009Nov 10
one woman man264844Dec 2011Nov 10
homebody243963Mar 2009Nov 10
contact me3661037Mar 2013Nov 10
hanging out3461495Mar 2009Nov 10
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