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Tag NameAllWomenMenBlogsVideoseCardsCreatedTagged
accepting204725Feb 2011Sep 11
classic movies180835Sep 2009Sep 11
reliable185826Aug 2009Sep 11
playful191844Mar 2009Sep 11
smiling2289441Apr 2005Sep 11
good conversation2481073Aug 2009Sep 11
art galleries2131073May 2009Sep 11
dominant31011281Oct 2010Sep 11
nutrition2271064Mar 2009Sep 11
nature walks2241046Mar 2009Sep 11
watching movies2401046Jan 2009Sep 11
patient2291064Apr 2009Sep 11
good food33211461Apr 2009Sep 11
arts32611371May 2005Sep 11
helping others26711551Jun 2005Sep 11
restaurants2411147Apr 2005Sep 11
witty27213931Jan 2009Sep 11
healthy lifestyle31213661Mar 2002Sep 11
kinky44613391May 2008Sep 11
magic311204826May 2006Sep 11
boats28813661Apr 2005Sep 11
looking for love29315591Jan 2009Sep 11
snuggling2621358Aug 2005Sep 11
opera36719766Jun 2005Sep 11
writing poetry2951358Jan 2010Sep 11
god fearing2541486Jun 2009Sep 11
health38235681452Jul 2005Sep 11
long walks2531578Mar 2005Sep 11
empathy36617791Dec 2008Sep 11
reggae35530510114Aug 2003Sep 11
positive292221174Dec 2008Sep 11
god4255612818162Jul 2005Sep 11
hugs4354412132314Sep 2005Sep 11
happy40363111512619Mar 2009Sep 11
vegetarian4573314181Nov 2005Sep 11
laughter368673020314Jun 2005Sep 11
traditional values56211Nov 2016Sep 11
longhair611Sep 11Sep 11
30 seconds to mars35211Dec 2011Sep 11
30STM611Sep 11Sep 11
silly28492241Feb 2008Sep 11
humble54211May 2009Sep 11
Social Drinker311Sep 11Sep 11
tolerance606141May 2009Sep 11
patience120211Dec 2008Sep 11
Want to visit Australia311Sep 11Sep 11
Outlander511Sep 11Sep 11
Hustle Castle711Sep 11Sep 11
Swedish711Sep 11Sep 11
Hulu611Sep 11Sep 11
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