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Do bad wishes on someone come back 3 fold.

Does bad wishes and revenge come back three fold everytime.
Does the evil of the planet get stronger and stronger, worse and worse.
Does finding the spirit of god, then purposefully defying it after gone to hell and back, be much stronger the next time.
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You can find a hitman online, can you believe it.

Can find a hitman online, can you believe it. Was just browsing for a trouble maker, intimidator to hire, and came across this.
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Apparently 10s of thousands to freeze to death thi

Apparently 10s of thousands homeless people to freeze and starve to death this winter in SA. sleeping in tents.
food supplies and aid also cut off and sabotaged.
Media coverage cut off aswell.
near the pretoria areas.

will try find the links again, and post later.
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Funny creature rumbling on the door at 3am.

Funny creature rumbling on the door at 3am, saying let me in.
Embedded image from another site

somebody said, its the Tokolosh.

but, I their is a horseshoe ontop of the door, from a previous owner.

They said its for the Tokolosh.
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There is a bat in the house.

There is a bat flying up and down through the passage, through the lounge, through everywhere.
How do I get the bat out. I dont have a net.
Or do I leave it for the giant bugs,
they are everywhere, and when I stand on one, it goes crunch and squeels and lies suffering all night.

Although, tonight, the bugs are hiding, maybe it is the bat.
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My girlfriend wont let me go completely ever.

My girlfriend wont let me go, Ive told her the relationship is unhealthy, cause we both play pyshicologically with each other.
as soon as I get another girl, then she is here to frighten her and chase her away.
But, then she ignores me for days on end, when I try to contact her.
Then if I do the reverse, cause now Im fed up with her, then she tries to commit suicide.

so, she wont let me cut her off completely, and she is really turning my mind inside out.

One minute she wants me, the next minute, couldnt be bothered with me, but she wont allow our relationship to end completely.

I have flings, only because she is never with me, and she gets drunk on weekends and has flings.

Worst of all, she wants revenge on me, and when she is about to tempt suicide, she also says over the phone, my life is over, look what youve done to me etc, etc. goodbye.
And I yell over the phone, Please dont do it.

And I know she isnt joking, when she attempts it, cause the last time, she was in hospital for an overdose, tried to hang herself already, and this time, I found her at the bridge just intime for the second time, when she was about to jump onto the railway track.
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Secret to keeping your girlfriend.

Well, Ive proven it again.
My girlfreind tried to commit suicide, cause I ignored her for nearly a week.
Now that Ive assured her I love her, and committed myself to her, she couldnt care a damm.
so, its all psycological again. Be hot, then cold, then hot, then cold. Never give your heart totally.
and dont overdo the ignorance and cold part, otherwise your have the guilt of a loss you could have avoided on your shoulders forever.

Always have a few flings on the side, it makes her mad as hell, but she will keep coming back, and claiming you as her possesion.
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In some countries they dont allow ambition or inte

In some countries they dont allow ambition, intellectuals or intelligence, entrepeneurship or allow one to think for themselves.
so, you must just live for the now and exist and accept, that is the way it is.
They prefer to have a military state, and production lines industry only, make you the children and you have to adapt accordingly.
Guess thats why they say its only the USA that is the land freedom, creativity of opportunity, or at least it used to be and if you cant make it there, you wont make it anywhere.
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What does the state do once theyve stolen everybod

What do the state and police do once theyve arrested all the non-corrupt, layed charges of money laundering and corruption against them, put them in jail or whatever.
where do they steal from then. I mean this has to run out, surely.
I mean if they are going to prosecute and steal from the same personality types all the time, doesnt the whole economy collapse eventually, and world anarchy, or what happens.
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My assasins came for me today, the men in red. tha

My assasin came for me today, a man in red. (leo).
Im usually ready for them, cause I dont sleep, but this bloke was clever, he didnt come at night, he came in the middle of the day, when the town was bussy and everybody was walking about.

He had a black bag, and a red shirt. and the police got him.
I just wondered to the curtain in the far bedroom, and peeped out, and there he was, in the sand street.

he would have shot me through the window with a AK47 probably well I was bussy.

just saw the cop van stop, lay him down, took his bag, and put him in the van.

so, I dont know how they sniffed him out, but ok, thank you cops, you are not all bad.
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Leakathrine sweet baby.

Leakathrine sweet baby. Happy valentines day.
I know you like chocolates, but you must unblock me.
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