nothing to do with anything.

The zipper rounded 2 corners before resting, brass hardware swinging. The suitcase was then erected, telescopic handle raised. The jacket made a rustling sound while arms made their way through sleeves. Keys jangled against a carry-on while a hand took hold of the heavy case's handle, suspended long enough to observe the room.

A long sigh was expelled from dry lips and the jacket shrugged while legs drove the case forward. Don't look back. Don't look back.
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The second chance

The third chance and the forth chance. How many chances does one give? Just wondering
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I could lie

And say my absence was due to meeting a very unusually interesting man who entertained me with exotic tactile techniques and road trips to mysterious places... i could lie and say i’ve been exhausted from using muscles i forgot i had... but, i’ve been feeling like a hermit in the woods. Since I'm here though, can you recommend any good recipes?
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It isn’t often we’re granted a do over

I elected to do a do over. I have spent time figuring out what went wrong. My main error was to not set a boundary of what is acceptable. The emotion of love seems to blur the lines, allowing others to say and do things that hurt without sounding the alarm. I think its important to communicate in a respectful manner, always, concerning loved ones. One cannot take words back. I am now a mason, not building walls but rather, building something constructive. I don’t lnow if my efforts will reward me with a partner. I will be satisfied if i can retain myself in a relationship. This is my thought for the day
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the strange ways of attraction and love

as i have mentioned in an earlier blog, i have unfinished feelings about a certain man. there were unpleasant words exchanged and revenge f*ck that created a sort of smeltering of feelings. as though the bad that had been done somehow redeemed itself in the form of self-knowledge.

the results came after a deceptive attempt at forgiveness. i was aware this individual was regularly on FB. I also knew this person always accepted a friend requeslt so, i created an alt account to reach out to this person. not in a flirty kind of way. more like a friendly supportive kind of way. so we began commenting and writing stories together. i offered up clues to see if this person really knew me. to know me is to indicate there was some sort of understanding. i dropped words as if they were a bread trail, all the while feeling a bit guilty of my game. you see?, it really wasn't a lie. i was being perfectly myself before all things went south. i don't like t lie so i soon let the cat out of the bag. at that point, the mark had already found something unique about me. he had become attracted to me. i, all the while, knew what i believed in that person.

a few weeks later i have been granted forgiveness as i have done. as i am more committed to my boundaries today than i ever was, only time and understanding can make a legend, fairy tale, or fable.

i wanted to start fresh, without all the garbage that was made by hasty hearts. i am hoping a view of now makes the future a positive outcome
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s*xual prowess and seduction

i have been giving some thought to writing a cringe-worthy blog. s*xual prowess seems to be something i'm more familiar with over the topic of politics and religion and manners. i admit i don't have a sheriff's badge or Boss Hog status in the realm of CS.

this is from the female's perspective, which is probably wrong, concerning men. in fact, if what i've heard is true, from the horse's mouth, what i write amounts to nothing concerning being mounted.

but, for us ladies feeling more secure while embarking on the romantic trail, i have a few suggestions for a night alone with the prospective lover.

bullet points
Keep the lighting low. this will make any blemish or wrinkle become absolutely invisible
Purchase a nice slab of red meat to prepare as a sort of aphrodisiac
Naked or not, a nice ruffly apron adds a touch of fantasy for the male specimen
Light a love candle purchased at your local gypsy metaphysical shop
If shaving the legs is not possible because the opportunity doesn't allow it, please slather a generous amount of moisturizer on legs to tame the course hairs of a couple day's growth.

If the specimen doesn't seem to respond, strip down to nothing and hand him the remote. then you must act like he doesn't matter and read a book.

i have discovered, by ignoring the specimen, the specimen becomes increasingly interested.
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so, i had a bad breakup and felt guilty. unsaid words and unfinished business, i'm sure you know the feeling. knowing i shouldn't force "like", i knew there was "like" lurking in thoughts and dreams...
with every breath of nicotine, he's in my thoughts

to be contunued
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audio blog

i'm too lazy to post rolling on the floor laughing
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I went to the local gypsy fortune guy and talked for a good while. I purchased some fortune telling cards along with some beautiful tarot cards with gold edges and a rennaisanse look. I brought the fortune telling cards to work and am having fun with them. So, pick a nimber from 1 to 36 and i’ll see what they tell us. :) tell me if you want present or future.
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a day off

my fellow co-worker heard me talking about Tarot cards and meditation so he mentioned a place in Easton. I told the lady co-worker about it and we made plans to go today. She invited a friend of hers to join and I thought it would be a lot of fun. i expressed a desire to go to a diner and eat French toast and have coffee, so that was also on the agenda. unfortunately, both ladies had to cancel. now, i'm dressed to go, and think i will still go eat and see the shop but will add a photo excursion to the itinerary. i have to find a camera and motivate to go. i'm starting to happens.
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Online is a curious place

After all, it seems that some can be rude and still comment on the other person’s blogs As if, it’s all water under the bridge. Meanwhile, in reality, I don’t give a f*ck if that person loves or hates me.

The self-importance some think they have is of little importance at all.
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i lit a cigarette and looked at the screen

i was thinking: there's not a lot of romance on CS. it would seem like the original CS members can't find a spark in this tribe. then i was thinking: maybe if we tag ourselves CS and MD, we can try a different tribe. then i was thinking: maybe gather some volunteers for a search party, head hunt or perhaps kidnap members from eharmony or penty of be tagged accordingly.

or, we can focus on what's really important, Trump
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