A challenge for Doc

Let’s have a sex-off. Write a goodie and I’ll try to match!

Oh, what fun!
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The boy/girlfriend experience

I have been watching a pretty good horror film. I’ve seen it before so i’m thinking about other things while watching. Thinking stuff like, wouldn’t it be nice to watch with someone? Maybe if there was a someone here, there’d be some cuddling or snacking on junk from the kitchen. We might talk of eating out but things go heywire and the lovemaking gets in the way. Maybe talk of stuff but one thing always leads to another and the lovemakng gets in the way.

You take a moment and read the mail. You stack it in the “later” pile and sit down, next to your hunny and the lovemaking gets in the way.
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The safe zone or the danger zone or
The pleasure zone
Tasty words or photos...wet
The combination of the two, delightful

The safety of distance decreases resistance
Making absence a wireless aphrodisiac, while a laptop mimics oysters and pearls

The forced abstinence of contact makes faithfulness fruitless
As committed hours are limited by busy schedules and selective log offs
No greater fantasy than online love
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Times holds a heavy load
In absence of humor can be a jam in the spoke
The lighter the laughter eases ruts in the road
Lightening the daily harvest of our woes
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The girl

I made a new friend at work. She’s a girl and we talk about girl stuff. Its amazing how information is shared even if its a little shady.

Yesterday i got some co-worker’s numbers and i spammed them with pictures that i took with my phone. It was a slow day.
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it's naked weather

time to spritz with water and stand in front of a fan
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i wrote this blog mainly for the anit-trumpsters but got backlash from Trumpsters

just goes to show ya that not is all that is written. go bite necks and do choke holds the guy is in office so respect his duty. the vote is in so now is the time to support the office of defect. defect, idiots. i'm not stopping you.
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Contrary to Kettle Bells

Contrary to kettle bells, sex can be a transaction. Not a transaction of monetary worth but of physical wellbeing. It can be an activity like tennis. Why must we claim to be in love to partake? As if we need permission or good reason to exercise our right to make love? Say, you've got no SO, and you feel randy and there's a fellow nearby to accommodate, why not participate? It's not against the law. If you're going to bring in God's law, well then, if the opposite sex is of like minds, this issue shouldn't come up. this is a present issue. the prospective suitor judges for such activities, while the same prospect indulged. what a mess. If we can establish that one is different from the other and that practice makes perfect, what's the problem? Just another bowl of kibble for the masses.
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a brilliant solution

i just thought of it. rather then build a wall, why don't the people complaining, switch places with the ones who want to cross our borders illegally? then the complainer can put their mouth to work on the country that is being fled and maybe work for a change making those people not want to leave? it costs the government no money if both pairs of shoes fit agreeably
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make your assumptions

this person has kind eyes, is interesting and clever and playful. this person has emailed me and lives far away. this person may be female or male.
take a guess. i won't reveal the person described.
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why am i having a dialog with a man half my age who refused to take any advice i have? why do i wast our time, as it is both our time conversing with an end date of pretty darn soon? am i bored? am i lonely? what the heck am i at this hour? he is stubborn and idealistic, i'll give him that...
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The security detail

I got a text last night from a casual acquaintance while I was at work. I was asked if I would do a favor. I asked “what is it?” He told me that he and his latest love interest where arranging a 3 way with a stranger.

I asked “what could I do?” He responded that he needed security. He then gave instructions for me to follow. I was planning on running an errand after work but this request occupied the same time slot.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of my phone waiting for the time I was to time for 15 minutes. I was instructed to wait the 15 and if I didn’t hear from him, I was to call, twice. If he didn’t answer, I was to immediately call 911.

The seriousness of his request concerned me greatly. I didn’t want anything bad to happen, especially by a twisted predator.

I watched my phone, fingers ready to dial! False alarm. The person in question was a no show. There was no attempt at a mass murder in my town last night
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