The Methodist tradition.

These kindly folks have just wisely voted to prohibit those whose s*xual choices are abnormal, happily in the vanishing minority, and can be unhygienic and even medically dangerous. No homosexuals in pulpits or leading flocks. Does the Holy Father hear any of this?

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holy father.


how funny huh.. playing with words
Methodists are nothing to do with El Papa. That was established quite a while ago and caused much fuss at the time.

Right you are, Biff. As with much in faith traditions, no shortage of room for nuance exists here. Thanks. I am a believer in the power of forgiveness and am even making strides with this. But the evidence of an enormous imbalance continues to grow, on how abuse by the powerful in various religious traditions, tracks personal choices in s*xual behaviors. Certainly the shenanigans in the RCC, fostered by centuries of rank clericalism, serve as best examples. Homosexuality among these clergy is a dominant force in church function and politics, especially in Rome. The same folks who insist that women and men have few real differences in behaviors and sentimentalities, now do so for homosexuals and less deviant individuals. But don't just take my word for this. Hot off the presses now comes "In The Closet of The Vatican", by F. Martel. Some four years of investigative work went into this important book, by an author who himself is reported to choose a homosexual lifestyle. Sexuality may in large part guide choices in other behaviors. But it seems that homosexuality may often make more wanton acts more likely. Repeated abuses of trusting individuals, many of these children, may have much to do with other poor judgment behaviors, such as frequent unprotected anonymous s*xual contacts, still seen in the baths, public WC's and highway waysides. So we saw the early epidemiology of HIV-AIDS. Individual personal s*xual histories, often including over a dozen such contacts in one night of sniffing about. So whatever religious tradition, concern about having homosexuals in the ranks of trusted clergy, now seen among Methodists, may be more than homophobic cautionary tales, or over adherence to passages in the Holy Book.
And you've the negro vote to thank for it... I know what Trump says about shithole countrues, but you have to ask yourself where would you be without those poor sods?
What amazes me about all of the s*xual abuse in the catholic church is: they preach that sex between a male and female before marriage, is a MORTAL SIN!!! How pathetic this church is!
but god is all forgiving and all powerful. So, if you're playing off of words. Nothing you do, will mean anything. good, or bad, cause. it don't care really, it'll forgive anything. and .. That's about it. Some theories really counter the whole subject.*
So makes question what if there was church under Spiritual faith banner:
I think NSAC should probably have own TV show and speak out more

I think in strange way they are open to allowing people in who least accepted into circle of other faiths or religions. Technically if you seeking Ark of reason and knowledge versus other faiths who rather save their own soul who you on truth ark or ark where everyone gets on because demonize other people.

Truly believing fear-mongering, and not believing in love and truth is like so wrong. What about the people who banishing all people who can't stand their own fellow Hondurans and sending them out like be cast out because they can't be afforded even though they born Honduras, lived there forever and yet casted out by their own society I have question about when is that not wrong in society of many, not wrong by our god who probably is mad, He probably so angry even Jesus says he can't help us and that why storms are coming left and right. I think for some reason gossiping and assuming what is what is kind wrong.

Hillary Clinton flying on her broom and changing leaders in Honduras is wrong? She can increase her dope supply to kill America off quicker? What happens to Hillary do we know I think Hillary just get slaps on wrist, because excused person who ordered it was Obama.
Vier wherever there is a trend there's an opportunist jumping on the bandwagon to exploit it. I avoid expose books like the devil himself uh oh

Newsflash - not all ministers, whether married or single, gay or straight, are perverts. Statistically, hardly any. Most of them are slightly pompous, otherwise fairly insignificant, people who chose a life of being treated as special, listened to without interruption at least once a week, and central to their community, albeit those communities are shrinking now by the week. That's hardly abnormal - politicians, actors, public figures, there are any amount of attention junkies out there thinking they are the bees knees and therefore violently resented by some. The more attention, the more resentment. The more resentment, the bigger a market to be exploited.

I am personally fed up with wide-sweeping condemnation. Here are a few other books doing the rounds - anything written about the Trump administration, take your pick, every one of them will assure you that between 40% and 100% of the Trump lot are corrupt to the core. Anything written about a pop singer or entertainer from the sixties or seventies who at the very least groped some underage teenagers, to the author's CERTAIN knowledge. Anything written about a country currently at odds with your own country, by someone in your own country.

We got off on being shocked, and ghouls who write books which will 'educate and shock' us get off on money. And, of course, attention.
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