My Dog And I

The dog weighed 114 lbs last summer at the vet's office.

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Over the years, I've had lots of dogs.
It's sad when they die.
I buried the last one in 2005 and said no more.

Lovely pic Track.

He's a beauty!

Chat ~ it is sad having a pet sometimes, as they have a comparatively shorter life span than we do......but tis lovely when they are around. rose
My dog which has now started to give one bark when the vet calls her name and nearly pulls me into the consulting room with the vet waiting to make a fuss of her.

Track brilliant pic of dog and yourself, in fact one man and his dog blog, grin all dogs look good. teddybear
Did you put him on a diet? My dog weighs 106 pounds. Has to lose 25 pounds!
No, don't have to, he was to the vet last summer and she said his weight was perfect for his size. His brother is almost as big too lol.
Lovely pic Track!

My last rottie was 65kg!

My present dog is 30 and it's enough now..he will be the last one help
65 kg, that even bigger than mine lol, he must have been a monster.
Yes..he was quite a big dog..but not fat.
A right softie he was! smitten
People assume big dogs are sossy but its all in how they are handled. I had several big dogs that thought they were 10 lb lap dogs lol, and I seen 10 lb lap dogs that sossy you couldn't put your hands near them. I can only think of one big dog that I knew of that I was weary of, a German Sheppard, but it was how he was raised, he was abused and never handled right and his mind was unstable.

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