Wonderful music without a single instrument....................

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Sir Hans handshake
Very nice song. thumbs up
I enjoyed. bouquet
peace teddybear
This is beautiful done Hans, great harmonizing, love it without the music
Like your new picture without the sunglasses also

Hans passed your question about the shoulder replacement on to our friends so far no answer
I wonder if they don't even know which procedure was used: wave
@ Timo~ - wave .... Thank you, glad you enjoyed it..... yay

..... grin cheers
@ BC~ - wave .... Thank you.. blushing

I have several of their songs on my lappy, I will add another one in a minute... conversing

..... grin hug wine
Another one of their songs:

.... grin
I really like their Christmas songs......wave

im not religious but this is a good one too....cheers

Oh my god.....that sound of silence is really top....applause applause applause

Never heard of them before....

Thank's Hans for bringing them inwave
@ M4~ - wave ..... Yes they sing a lot of xmas songs, this one is my favorite done in their earlier times:

..... grin hug wine
@ Bek~ - wave ... Yes it's all goose-bump material..... Fantastic cappella group..... applause cheering

.... grin cheers
Very nice music...i enjoyed them.
Love it....glad I took the time to listen to it.
@ Bluesky~ - wave ..... Glad you enjoyed them, Girl. Kevin's beat-boxing adds just the right amount of punch to their material...... conversing applause cheering

..... grin hug wine
@ Ekself - wave .... It still amazes me how many people have never heard of them, even though they have done several tours and put out many albums.... dunno
If you have the time, many of their songs are on youtube, just type 'Pentatonix' ... conversing

..... grin hug wine
Seen this blog earlier but only just now got round to listening to the songs, absolutely wonderful Hans .. well worth a listen applause wave

M4, Hallelujah one of my all time favourites .. truly enjoyed your upload wine
@ Itchy, Girl - wave ... Thank you, Girl..... hug

If you liked Hallelujah then this one will knock those little cotton socks right off of your feet...... yay

.... with you being a Queen lover and all....... conversing

....... grin hug teddybear bouquet
And who be Queen Hans confused dunno

Kidding only giggle hug

New washing machine landed an hour ago yay
think I'll try plum it myself, how difficult can it be... If I'm successful guess who will be washing cotton socks all day laugh

Tah for the song I'll listen whilst I plum...dancing
@ Itchy, Girl - wave ..... Hope you can still hear the song through all the grunting and cursing as you install and plumb your new cotton socks washer..... wow wink

..... grin hug teddybear bouquet
Eh Hello Hans, easy pesy, didn't even break a nail dancing

Enjoyed their version, its a nice treat this blog handshake wave
@ Itchy, Girl - wave .... First of all, congratulation on the installation of your little cotton socks washer...... applause cheering

Now here is another one of their songs, Girl:

..... grin hug teddybear bouquet
Nice ones
Thanks Hanswave
@ Capri, Girl - wave .... Glad you enjoyed them, I'm going to add more as time goes by....... applause cheering

.... grin hug wine
I'ma little surprised no-one posted this incredible performance yet.
@ Ooby~ - wave ... Kind of nice but sorry, they can't hold a candle to Pentatonix....... scold

..... grin cheers

...... grin
Love a cappella sang in churches or chapels the acoustics are fabulous. Never heard of these before but will be adding them to my favourites. Thanks
@ Xxs~ - wave .... Glad you enjoyed it...... conversing cheering

..... grin hug wine
Islands In The Stream...

Sheboygan Light Rail smitten


..... grin
@ miclee - wave ... Lovely Bee Gees song but this blog is about sans instrument songs..... scold

..... grin cheers
@ Itchy, Girl - wave cheering yay ..... Great to see you.... reunion hug .... Yes Girl that is an amazing rendition of that song.... conversing ... Thank you for your contribution.... applause

.... grin hug teddybear bouquet
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