Was Obama a Manchurian Candidate?

Was Obama a Manchurian Candidate?.... i say yes.... millions and millions of dollars spent to keep all of his records sealed. If there wasn't anything to hide, why even spend a dollar.

Alumni of Columbia University say they never once saw Barack Obama on campus or in class yet he graduated from the Ivy league school. The president of the class was @RealWayneRoot ... he concurs. Perhaps the FBI should focus on schemes like this as well. Where was Barry? Not NYC.

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the only USA president to invite Russia, our enemy to hack us

that's Trump. Talking about hidden records, no one have seen

Trump's 1040, too many Russian dirty money in his taxes.
poor Melvin is fantasizing again!laugh
Opa Conradlaugh glad to see you again, Opa, who's in 2ndlaugh
well,Meth,that Name probably will stick with you!
Suits you so well!rolling on the floor laughing
Seems to me all your leaders are stupid as shit, corrupt to the core, and hide stuff. Trump and his taxes, and ordering his old uni to hide his marks, and Obama hiding his birth certificate, and GWB hiding who knows what, etc etc -

But on the face of it, no leader has ever been caught as often in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong friends as the current guy. Impossible to blame fake news when he does so much of it on TV or in his tweets, he is on record again and again and again and STILL he lies and STILL he says 'I never said that' or the 'video was faked' (and of course the live broadcast was somehow faked as well, right?). Literally not a week has gone by since Mr-Look-At-Me took office without something to gossip about, even if sometimes he had to create the controversy and attention himself. I'm truly awed that people still stand up to defend him as a person, or at least try to desperately dig up accusations about past leaders to distract attention.

It is very nearly impressive.

hey willy how come u know so much getting fake news from twitter and fb and instragram
and if ur country knows about these things why do u let them stay as presidents
where is ur law
No, but Trump sure is! Once again you're playing that old tired trick of accusing your opponent of the dirty deeds being done by your own corrupt leader. scold Nobody falls for that anymore. It's too obvious.
Because he was born in Kenya and raised in Hawaii simply put you can do whatever you want if you had political backing and money spread the moolah around. People who are poor don't have that same stuff don't get same means to do so.

His records are sealed because he was probably part of party of Brotherhood since beginning if anyone wants to know or figure who is Brotherhood that probably first question you should asking.

Its also very dangerous, because simply I think they are assassin organization plus or minus bomb threat to USA. Because they supply weapons to other terrorist organizations which tells me its bad idea to consorting with organizations who filter fish fodder to others to expand and grow...its not good idea, in Muslim idea if your terrorist and your idea is radicalize and go against your god then you are stopped and killed, their agenda is anti life, kill everyone to make new brainwashing agenda, they are supreme beings who rule over all mankind which in itself they trying portray they are survival over fittest is super insane.

Not all muslims believe to take over the world only super radicalized, and indoctrinated at early age, if they realized all the time it was lie, and they really taught stuff they could walk away from it experience other religion it might open their eyes to new reality.

Modern muslims might be turning point...if Obama was told he could just walk away from it become something like rockstar or movie star would he taken it? sigh
You nailed it Lucky thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up
Yep Willie he was and many people know this is the true story.
Someday this will all come out and a lot more besides wave wave wave
Dear Lucky. With all due respect I have to correct you about Obama's birth. He was not born in Kenya, he was born in Hawaii. Observe.

thumbs down thumbs down thumbs down thumbs down frustrated frustrated frustrated :
Ovomit the monkey boy wasn't smart enough to go to college.

Yet I have used his college speeches as a base for teaching public speaking, his college details are fully available for those wishing to see them.
Spreading lie after lie, doesn't make them become true, He was born in Hawaii and attended college
If some people took time to actually check these lies they would see it is very easy to rebuke them.
One only has to read the list of editors for the "Harvard Law Review" to see he not only attended Harvard but was an editor of this world famous journal.
I guess some are jealous they are too gormless to actually get into any college let alone one of the worlds most prestigious.

But please, carry on, it's amusing to see how some are trying so hard to dumb down to the same level as the Potus.rolling on the floor laughing
our boy Rizared believes in the Clintons and the Obarmas, he believe they should be knighted to sainthood
In reality, they are still trying all they can do yo harm against Trump
Oboza still can not forget that he is no longer the president

If Hillery would have become president, the US would now be going the direction of the
Do you have any idea what that means, what it involves?
Trump hates the NEW World Order and that is what this is all about.
Doing everything toTrump to stop him, because they the dems desperate want to have the N W. O
This is what is really behind it all:
That is hilarious coming from a Nazi lover, especially as neither Obama or the Clintons can ever be Knighted, being as they are AMERICANrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
For what it is worth, maybe prove the so called NWO actually exists, Oh wait, you can't, because it is all just a fake conspiracy, just like the rubbish spread about the Clintons and Obama rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
I don't understand why they would choose Obama if he wasn't actually American. Is there shortage of cool black men with mediocre abilities that I'm not aware of?
a shortage*
When a person's financial records are already cleared at the federal level, there's nothing in a 1040 that matters or has any point to any one else. When there's all of this "conspiracy theory" with a two year investigation that has nothing compared to another and more, deliberately let go; there's a much bigger problem still. Trump has nothing to prove. pelosi and the criminal party had to pass the bill to see what was in it and now they have to prosecute the president to find out what the crime was.

When a person gets nominated, supported, and pushed by the party of criminals calling themselves "democrats" but, that things, records are sealed; that's most likely a manchurian candidate. obozo was and is that rat of demolition.

Proven with forced taxes, fines, and mandates. Proven from low to no economic growth for the country through and with, over regulation. Proven with the support and spread for global terrorism. Proven with deals to known enemies. Proven with a message to Putin that he'd have more flexibility after election time(then Crimea is soon annexed).

Proven with lower wages, higher taxes, and better profit margins for corporations. Proven with the lie that if he could have brought jobs back he would have. So much proven. Too much to list.
Obama was an empty suit puppet who was easily manipulated by George Soros and Bill Ayers. His claim to fame was a likable stage presence that was palatable to communists and low information white voters. His lasting legacy will be dividing the country along racial lines and the birth of identity politics in a presidential election.
Willy, with respect, don't confuse a good film with a president Who is Angela Lanbury's "character"?
Arteee: "Dream Big.... "(meet us in the ecards)

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