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Impeachment Is Nothing But Throwing More Dirt And Hoping Some Will Stick

The process the Democrats have employed to gin up support for impeaching President Donald Trump has been almost as long as Chairman Mao’s long march. It has also been tragically absurdist. It is filled with twists and turns as the Democrats slog through the muck they have raked up in their attempt to obviate the 2016 presidential election by overthrowing the will of the American voter and throwing out President Trump.

Their march commenced with Trump’s historic election in November 2016, which prompted a Texas Democrat to announce his intention to introduce Articles of Impeachment within months of President Trump assuming office.

Democrats have tossed every piece of dirt and dung at the president hoping that something would stick. Well, nothing has. People who just throw anything in the air end up covered with the stuff they are tossing. In other words, if you ever want to know what the Democrats are doing, just observe what they are accusing everyone else of doing.

The Russia Accusations Were Proven False
Take Hillary Clinton. She was so devastated by her loss to President Trump that she joined others to claim the Trump campaign had “colluded” with the Russians to affect the outcome of the election. After 22 months of the Robert Mueller investigation, even his team of politically biased investigators concluded that there had been no “collusion,” conspiracy, coordination, or cooperation.

But we did find the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee had engaged an opposition research firm with ties to Russia and the United Kingdom to dig up dirt on then-candidate Trump. The now-infamous Steele dossier was created out of whole cloth using those foreign sources to simply make up some of the most outrageous lies against Trump in the history of American politics.

And now Nancy Pelosi, who had attempted to slow down Democrats’ impeachment fantasies, has yielded to the pressure of her radical colleagues. She has spread this unauthorized “impeachment inquiry” among six different House Committees, ostensibly freezing out House Judiciary because Chairman Jerrold Nadler continues to embarrass Democrats with his pronouncements and ineffective hearings that have brought their less-than-stealthy intention to impeach President Trump to public disapprobation.

That leads us to the process Speaker Pelosi now wishes to employ—a process that betrays the precedent for these proceedings. Pelosi has gotten caught up in Trump Derangement Syndrome. During the Nixon and Clinton proceedings, the attorneys for those presidents could represent their clients, and in some cases, they were allowed to question witnesses. Not so in the 2019 political attack by Democrats.

Impeachment is “somber,” Pelosi says. If she truly believed that, then why would she select one of the most-virulent Trump attackers to lead the investigation? Of course, impeachment is a partisan process, but in the Nixon and Clinton cases there was overwhelming, bipartisan support for the investigations, confirmed by a vote of the full House to authorize them. Why so different now?

Because, in the aforementioned cases, there were allegations that many believed were, or easily could be, substantiated. Further, in the earlier proceedings, each side believed the rules of impeachment would be followed, but we haven’t even voted on such rules in President Trump’s case. And as I mentioned earlier, Democrats have hyped impeachment of Donald J. Trump since Election Day 2016.

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the federalist !!!!!!! rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
The media keeps stoking the fire and the lemmings keep marching over the cliff. Three years, allegations that are unsubstantive. It's a comedy that will end with the audience begging for more.... a one act play with President Trump writing the script.

The dnc has totally dominated the news for the last 3 years . Hardball politics , to bad they have not taken the time to rebuild . The worst thing for Trump would have been for the dnc to work with him , may well have taken both houses last year and kept both next year . Caught in a trap now of their own making , suspect it will have effects far longer that 2020 .
The dnc maybe in the news but they aren't making it. President Trump is the A ticket, he's the ride while the dnc at best is like a carny trying to figure out why the controls don't respond. Everyday the circus is in town and the ringmaster is President Trump.

Sub-blog rider§ 01.

All in favor of impeaching the CS
Impeacment heckler...
eYe vote yay...wave
Bob he's the poster child for a profile of a liberal drone. He doesn't think for himself, he's a parrot that continues to shit in his own cage. And anybody that has owned a Parrot knows that is their full time job. And like that Parrot when you throw a blanket over the cage they stop squawking until you yank it off in the morning. Most Parrots live an average life of 125 years, and they never shut up. That, my fellow scribes, is why the comparison is accurate, they endlessly shit and squawk on cue spending half their life in the dark. That is Soupy, that is a liberal.

So I will put that down as yay.
"eYe vote yay...wave "
Clever use of "wave" emoticon laugh

Dorothy Parker owned a bird which she named Onan.


He spilled his seed upon the ground.

eYe just took a stab at it....cuz it was there
Petition To Impeach Nancy Pelosi For Treason Surges Past Quarter-Million Mark
Did you know there was a White House petition to impeach Nancy Pelosi for treason?
It is a farce, a show trial, a kangaroo court
When one considers all the scandalous deeds President Trump didn't commit since he's been in office, it would be no exaggeration to say that the man is little short of being a saint. innocent
It's a waste of tax payer money. thumbs down
The deep state plot to install Hillary Clinton as PRESIDENT before the end of this year

it's time for the demons to be done away with.

Maybe it has gotten to that extreme. I would hope not. I will need to research Breighteon.

It's just so wrong. Just because Trump is a compulsive liar, an instinctive cheat and an all round thorough arse hole, it does not automatically mean he is guilty of every single thing he is accused of. I suspect that a good 1% of all accusations against him are totally groundless.
Stringmans found a new INFOWARS self confessed lunatic!!!!rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

One wonders if Trump is selling out our great country to Putin though. The term traitorTrump may come up in the trials ! If he is selling out God help us.
Raphael you are a fraud a phony. All you do is bad mouth the source and never put up an argument. Fight back or shut up you charlatan.
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