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Do you find that You have learned from the Past?

I have found the past and present very much the same, as the people don't change, even though you try to learn, from the past. You do learn from your own experiences, if you let yourself, and ignore!


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Junette, hug
We will have plenty of time to reflect upon this next month when you have celebrated another year. bouquet
There are many new ways of looking at maturity.
Lately it has been call " Adulting" by the 30-40 ish.
Hi Ash. Missed You!
Yes and I have have learned from the past.Not going to go into detail though what it was.
Bw. Not many can say that!
What have I really learn from the past: Everything about growing up ; That people lie, cheat and try to buy you. I'm Not for Sale!!!
spl123 I have learnt some hard lessons, and expensive ones too. I have made some terrible mistakes. I hope I have learnt. They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over and not learning by your mistakes and expecting a different outcome.

We are all human. I hope I 've learnt and become a better person hug
Ashlander ~ angel thumbs up
Uv. "They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over and not learning by your mistakes and expecting a different outcome."

I'm doing a lot of computer work as well, and this phrase that I came across here, is totally wrong in quite a number of professions, like Computers / Engineering / Gardening and lots more.

You e.g. test some new creation, and you retest, with the same criteria till it's perfect. Thus: You are doing the testing and fixing time and again, and yes each has a different outcome at the start, until it's perfect!
spl123 Yes, you're perfectly correct. I am speaking more of life experiences not work related or theories, or science, which is all about learning from mistakes and having to keep getting it wrong until you get it right, the exact formula.
Nope, I really meant things like the time I sold my home under pressure, a huge mistake. I should have let it go to court as I had lost a very good job [during the crash ] and sold my home. Relationships ~ Going for the same sort of man [I was attracted to a certain type and they were not always what were the ones that were good for me] so I was not learning from the past.
I hope this explains what I meant. Now I don't wear rose coloured glasses in any aspect of my life.
Uv. I too have gone for a certain type in the past. Now I compare the new characteristics to the old one, and if any are the same, it is Sayonara!
Spl123 laugh thumbs up thumbs up You decided your life is going to be happy and you're taking no prisoners or baggage you don't need. I love cats too. cats meow
Uv. You must see me when I've had enough. I put the furniture in a transport, and tell them where to take I, leave the house with the property company, and vanish. All the baggage is left behind, with no way of contacting me, what-so-ever!
You'd think people would learn from their mistakes but instead they keep repeating them.

When I Had met and married my late hubby years I thought it was the best thing next to a big bowl of Chocolate Ice Cream but now I come to the conclusion that he wasn't the man I thought he was after all.He was very controlling and a bully.
Bad habits are hard to break.

Making the same mistakes over and over again is a fools game. banana

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