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President Trump's Tulsa Rally Most Popular Political Rally EVER: Viewership Blew Away CNN & MSNBC

After months of Democrats harassing people who signed up for President Trump's Tulsa rally trying to intimidate and scare them not to come with everything from claiming they would all get the Chinese Plague to threats of violence from the lawless crowds that are destroying the country from coast to coast sponsored by Democrats, it's no wonder many of them decided not to go to Tulsa to attend the rally in person. Many of the Trump rallygoers bring their children. Who would want to face threats from the Democrats with their children with them? So the Democrats threaten them, then have the nerve to remark that the turnout was low. Typical fascist thug tactics.

And it's funny what they call "low." A low turnout event for President Trump is a record for any other political candidate in history. Joe Biden would KILL for a single event that had as many people as Trump's event. It had 12 times more people than the best event Biden ever had in his 50 year political career... in spite of the Democrats harassment, intimidation and threats. It's nothing short of ASTONISHING attendance in the middle of a Pandemic and the Democrat's violent rioting.

But that doesn't mean they didn't come! Just the number of viewers on the Fox News channel for the Trump Rally is an all time political record: almost EIGHT MILLION PEOPLE WATCHED PRESIDENT TRUMP'S RALLY LIVE ON THAT NETWORK ALONE!!!

And disgusting CNN the Communist News Network, and MSPMS decided to cater to their sore loser Democrat viewers (all five of them) and didn't even broadcast the most popular political rally in history. Instead they aired two hours of fake news anti-Trump claptrap like the do all day long. It's no wonder Fox got more than 4 times the number of viewers in that two hours than the communist networks!

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I read somewhere earlier the grand total including internet was over 20,000,000 viewers. Maybe the leftist hooligans can harass the rally goers but harassing the voters on November 2nd is quite another story. Maybe they will be so busy trying to harass the voters they will forget to vote themselves.
So remind me, what was the number of voting public in the USA? Guess you have no idea so let me enlighten you.
There are around 155 MLLION eligible to vote in the November election
I'll just repeat that 155 MLLION

So a tiny tiny fraction actually bothered to watch Trump, and of those, an even smaller fraction may still vote for him. rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Make America Great Again------DUMP TRUMP
There are around 155 MLLION eligible to vote in the November election
I'll just repeat that 155 MLLION

Since elections rarely get over 50% turnout (155,000,000/2 = 77,500,00) that means if Trump holds on to his 63 million vote count he should win by a landslide.
Great work Willy! thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up
Ronald Reagan, who the Democrats tried to destroy the same way they are trying to destroy Trump, won his second term by the biggest landslide in US history to this day, winning 49 out of 50 states. They say it would be impossible to even match that record. I wouldn't call ANYTHING impossible with Trump at bat. thumbs up
I'm not surprised that the ratings were very high! head banger
awwww. Did the wittle teenagers scare the big bad gun toting MAGA dimwits away. comfort laugh
@Drongo: It is interesting to speculate whether amongst the viewers the majority were lovers or loathers? Might be a close run contest. I watched for a while, but lost interest as he took us through the recap of the slithery ramp and leather shoes
@Drongo: ...And one thing despite what you say that is indeed impossible under Trump is UNITY
More of Trump's lies, as the weather was fine and no one else found the ramp slippery.
Trump has had his medical records hidden, so one can take it there is something he wants to keep away from the public. Dementia? Alzheimer’s? Covid-19? Who knows?
Shows zero respect for him when West Point used a ramp not steps.
seems the Red Tent-Brigade is getting restless!laugh
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