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will tourism end ,,,

i was talking with a friend that was on holiday here for two weeks ,,and now that most countries require a pcr certificate to enter ,, he explained that it would now cost him an extra 500 pounds to go back as he and his family needed to be tested before being allowed to cross the borders as they are driving ,,,
and the pcr test rules are that it has to have been done within 72 hours of travelling ..
so if you decide to go on a holiday that lasts for more than 4 days then you will need a test to go and then a test to return and for a family of 5 that works out at an extra 1000 pounds on top of your holidays costs ,,,
so i can not see many families taking holidays outside of their own countries in the very near future ,,,

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Good point Ed thumbs up

I cannot see either why people still feel the need to go on holiday - not only because of the cost - but also with all the hassle and, maybe, the risk of catching the virus???

Although They're making it harder and harder to travel, I still don't think the restrictions are enough!

What don't they just close the borders like they did last March and get it done and over with???dunno

We just cannot go back to a "normal " life as long as travelling is allowed!grin
dani people still have a need to travel be it for many reasons ,,like weddings funerals or even that their visas have expired , along with business and work ,, the one thing i love about living in europe is the open borders and freedom of movement ,which makes europe the best thing since sliced bread,,,
"so i can not see many families taking holidays outside of their own countries in the very near future"

... unless they believe it's worth dying for. You have heard of "degrees of separation?" Pretty soon everybody will know somebody who died from this plague or got frightenly sick.
Travel has to return as so many countries depend on tourism to survive. I think Thailand has the best solution for many travellers, you need to agree to stay for a minimum of 6-12 months and proof you have the financial background to live for that length of time.
I think more countries will do the same until the virus is under better control.
hi riz,,you are so right there mate ,,here in bulgaria the same rules apply about being able to support yourself whilst you are here, i have just renewed my residency for the next 5 years , so i am ok on that score ,,, but there are many peeps all over europe that do not comply with the rules unfortunately,
and many countries will suffer great hardship to loss of tourism ,,
E-sure it will. But as per my long post on topic, I hope with lots of sensible innovations. Fossil fuels also will be around, but we should use these more wisely, not least in travel. Options, patience, community.
Did the Vierk really say all that?
The vaccination has already started in most countries, so once we get vaccinated - I suppose that that proof should be enough to travel. confused

We can apply for the vaccine online (if we want to - it's not obligatory) and I plan to, I just don't know which vaccine to chose. confused There are 5 types to chose from (you can choose just one or more options) or "any" and I still don't know which one(s) to check. blues

I should do it soon, although I will probably not get the vaccine before late spring/early summer (I'm not a priority).
No vaccine for me, thanks.
And I don't feel the need to travel, nor the energy to do so anyway. Too much hassle!
Another take on it roll eyes
A daft one entirely, but ever think we weren't meant to mix?

If we hadn't, each race and culture had stood/stayed on their own ground, would this virus of been easier to control?
Of course it would of been..JMO
Itchy, you been smoking wacky baccy?
Why ban travel again ?As far as I'm aware, it's only essential travel regarding flying. Proof of residence, PCR/LAMP test and the health form . So it's not a case of people wanting to go on holiday.

Just because you/ people don't need to travel and therefore want to ban it again I think is very selfish. I personally think that if you refuse to have the vaccine then you shouldn't be allowed entry into any other Countries. Boot on the other foot comes to mind grin
laugh laugh definitely one thing you can never accuse me of.
Nevetheless, my thought is worth a think dunno
My comment wasn't directed at anyone.
Just a "general comment"grin
And welcome to the first class citizenship where discrimination is legally allowed roll eyes
itchy ,,,,of course we were not meant to mix ,,,that is why we are on here blogging gal ,,,,
but i must have been born a nomad in a previous life ,,,hence my need to travel ,,,,,and learn from other cultures ,,,,but never to laze by a pool nor sit all day on a beach ....
miss,,c ,,,, your holidays got more technical after jan 1 st ,,,
v ,,,as always nice to see you young man,,,, well sailing will always be around as the wind is free ,,,it just takes a little longer to get any where ,,,
I don't understand this comment, are you saying having a vaccination to help stop spreading a virus and allow flying to another country is discrimination?
Ensuring you are safe to travel with a vaccination is no different to only being allowed to travel with a valid passport.
It is not discrimination, it is a safety rule, same as wearing a seatbelt when taking off in a plane.

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