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There was a young lady from Sale

There was a young lady from Sale
who had a profile pic
like the eye of a whale
blah blah blah... blah blah
and she lashed all male's with her tale!
I was going to tell her that I don't like the new profile pic but apparently I am 1 year too old to msg her LOL

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but of course....she wgaf....and why should she ?
There are even older Aussie blokes around, don't you know? But I wonder why I get the USA and Aussie likes and emails from these stunning 30-something blondies... I am sure I've set my limits way over that.
I had no idea this was here until I was advised it was here. laugh

Whale's are pretty amazing marine mammals- Who wouldn't take the opportunity to explore the oceans at will.

... You are correct though, whether you do or don't like my photo is of little relevance to me. Although... I appreciate the unusual attempt at correspondence.
I appreciate the unusual attempt at correspondence.

I appreciate too. Oh and btw I love your profile pic!

Good luck you two
I did laugh then UnFayzed, us 'two'? I am not even familiar with the gentleman.

Thank you though.

I hope all is well with you.
There was an old lady from Wider
Who peed in the eye of a spider

The spider got mad
and pulled out his lad
And swore by the devil he'd ride er
There was once a lady from Nantucket
who got her bottom stuck in a bucket.
The dam thing was easy to mount
but nobody could figure out
how to unstuck it!

property of author Raphael C.S.rolling on the floor laughing
There once was a lady from France
Who boarded a bus in a trance
Now everyone ****** her
including the conductor
and the driver **** off in his pants
There was a young man from Woolongong
Who moved away to Woodenbong;

There wasn't much there,
All he could do was stare;

At the birds and the trees,
(And local hill billys);-

And plaintively hope for a billabong!

(There was a drought, at the time)....
Lovecanbereal... that was actually quite well written.

...I looked at your profile and it makes sense that you are a bit of a wordsmith.
No disrespect to the lovely young lady from Sale, but I think there are many young ladies from Sale who aren't here. I think you have to go to Sale and really put it out there, smash a few from the pub, maybe a few from the docklands area, see what's happening at the dump... The place is a hotbed of desire.
Lovely, Pat? I think you take things too far, Sir wink
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