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Viking Funerals

Life as a modern-day Viking .... wait ...they don't allow the coastal amphibious raids and ravishing of maidens any more. We can only shoot the enemy, and any ravishing requires that you meet the maidens in a bar and buy them a drink first.

So, while the Dragon ships have changed and the rules of engagement have changed, the warrior spirit remains, and, of course, nobody gets out of here alive. So you might as well have a stylish send-off.
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But, live by the Battle Axe and Mjolnir, da Hamma, die by the Battle Axe and da Hamma. It just comes with the territory.

What better send-off than a burning Viking Dragon Ship?
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We all know how it works: the warrior’s body floats out into the sunset on a carved longboat, adorned with jewels, mementos, and possibly a sword or two. Attendees stand in reverent silence as a skilled archer sends a flaming arrow to magically set the whole thing alight.

Well, that's how I want it. Burning Dragon ship, my weapons by my side, the ship set sail out to the deepest part of the fjord. Along the clifftops. Topless Valkerie and Shield Maidens (carefully selected DD's or more gifted) sing my entrance to Valhalla. (in the case of warriors, weapons were included among grave goods)

In the military, at least some had the fatalistic attitude about life, and embraced it. Others less so.

Damn right. Ever-body gotta die sometime.
YES: Immigrant Song: Valhalla, I am coming.

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No Viking Funeral would be complete without the Valkerie Maidens, to carry you off the battlefield to the Mead Hall at Valhalla.
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as in, Ride Of the...

(some do it better than others...)
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(Others? Not so much)
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Sometimes, it's better to ask forgiveness (and just do the freakin thing), than to ask permission.

Legalities of a Viking Funeral

Ya might have to settle for a basic Viking Pyre

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Well before I comment I will review the information. It's not too late or is it. After 10 pm already. How time flies.motorcycle
Sometimes, it's better to ask forgiveness (and just do the freakin thing), than to ask permission.

Forgive us our "foibles".laugh

minor weakness or eccentricity in someone's character.
"they have to tolerate each other's little foibles"
weak point
weak spot
Achilles heel
chink in one's armor

the weaker part of a sword blade, from the middle to the point.

So if it was a vip guy or a vip girl they bury them in a real viking ship.

In our museum here we have two: Gogstad and Oseberg.

From wiki:
The Oseberg ship is a well-preserved Viking ship discovered in a large burial mound at the Oseberg farm near Tønsberg in Vestfold county, Norway. This ship is commonly acknowledged to be among the finer artifacts to have survived from the Viking Era.

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Supposed to be the grave of a high ranking woman.
"... chamber dates the burial to the autumn of 834. it has been suggested that she is Queen Åsa, mother of Halfdan the Black and grandmother of Harald Fairhair. ... There were also the skeletal remains of 14 horses, an ox, and three dogs found on the ship. "

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You have to be a real Viking to go to Valhalla! Like the Muslims you have to dye in battle with your enimies! Increase your finger tapping speed in the next anti covid blog and it might happen. But probaly not since you are lacking in the DNA department and will end up in heaven.
Well Jaav,

Tis a quandry, innit?

On one hand, Heaven is...well... heavenly. Who would not want to be there?

But, of course, what if you are of the sort that is mission-based, and life without a mission becomes likes bewbs without nipples... pointless.

Then again, Valhalla is endless fighting and drinking and wenching. Even that could get old.

I wonder if I could commute?
Du måste lära dig ett fornnordiskt språk. Isländska är närmast lingvistiskt.
Jeg har norsk blod!
Välkommen då till Valhalla när du har gjort dig förtjänt av det. applause
tusen takk
I knew it! You look Norwegian even Bohemund!


Takk! Ja, det stemmer.
Perhaps everyones Heaven or Hell is all different..depending on your mind
Calli, valhalla is like a never ending party with beer, women and boys telling stories over the table all night long laugh
one of my favorite movies is the Vikings the bit where the man jumps into the pit of wolves is very brave....thumbs up
If I may, I quick hello to Leony.hug
Nice to see the "Elf on a shelf" again. santa
bouquet rose nice to c u 2 yay hug

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