Grammar and English

I have noticed alot of people on this site especialy women no offence. Over emphasise on spelling and grammar, excuse me if am wrong but we are on a dating site not Havard law school; doubt most of us would get that far. I would rather just concentrate
on posting threads and quit lecturing, many thanks....

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Some prefer radish but others prefer cabbage...
And birds of a feather flock together...
sorry you are wrong, if you spell incorrectly especially on your profile page it jars, upsets the flow and takes the emphasis off of you, it's difficult to read and can be misunderstood. when in a forum it's more acceptable as typed in a hurry, and can be funny.
Would you date somebody that didn't make a bit of an effort in dressing up at least in clean clothes?

Same principle applies dunno

Make an effort of correct spelling and grammar, just like you would with clean clothes. It's appealing and gives a clue that you either have an education or know how to use a spell checker. Both definitely a "plus"!

Mind you, that is only my personal opinion. Sure, other people may think differently about this. And since you mentioned "especially women", it may mean that women pay more attention to such details...

And women are more detailed orientated we like details it is whats makes us women men can be hurried and to the point and done but we like to do more hear more
conversing conversing conversing conversing dancing dancing
Visitor: Is your mother home?
Child: No, she ain't.
Visitor: How about your father?
Child: He ain't home neither.
Visitor: My goodness! Where's your grammar?
Child: She's in the kitchen, making cookies.
You don't have to go as far as Harvard Law School to learn spelling and grammar.
Spelling and Grammar are usually taught in Grammar school.
I agree with you...

As what i said nobody's perfect...

Thank you for declaring your specifications ladies and I will aim to pay close attention myself to this, although this can be difficult to pinpoint without a spell checker.
Considering that for many people here English is not their first language, you don't think its useful and considerate to try and make sure that what you write is at least spelt properly and is understandable?
10 out of 10 yellow, for your last comment! Top of the class!applause
Attention Lovely4u7da

Correction :

Incorrect : " And women are more detailed orientated "

Correct : ..... women are more detail oriented "

Have a good day
Psst... yellow.... free spell checker online, just search for it on google wink

This is an international site and users are not supposed to know English fluently as native speakers or are they supposed? They are trying their best.
It would also have fricked me out if a kazakh person misspelled kazakh words since (s)he is a native speaker of Kazakh language but if somebody else misspelled kazakh words then I would have been really supportive for his/her attempt to try to speak my language.
My native language isn't English either, but I absolutely agree with how1e. Since we all do converse in English here, one should make as sure as possible that one does not get misunderstood. Hence correct spelling and grammar can be very important.
FIRST OF ALL to the people who’d going to abuse me after reading my post. My conclusions are only for the English speaking countries, as I don’t know other language-speaking countries. I am sorry for being rude. But sometimes I get into a Real rage, because the people from the other countries whose native language is not English are not Obliged to know the different ways of expression or slangs in English....

I just wonder what the grammar schools teach and how they present the elementary knowledge in English speaking countries?
Do they teach how to build a single phrase - with a capital letter and punctuation (point, exclamation or question)mark, to distinguish and to divide the sentences apart- to know where to put Big letter and when to put the the different types of punctuation? Are the respective education systems so poor, because I have never met a single person with a serious Graduation (BA,MA, and even PhD)here with perfect spelling,who’s able to express himself in writing at his mother language!??
The % of the literate(in writing at their English as a mother language) and with common knowledge people is poor.Even in my country .Though THERE IS AN EXCEPTION TO THE RULE. I AM NOT from English speaking country, so my poor English is excusable. I AM OBLIGED TO BE FLUENT& WITH PERFECT SPELLING SKILLS ONLY in my native language. And I am(maybe because it depends on the person).
How come so illiterate and without a common knowledge Nations’d establish and develop so powerful countries?
There is a poor excuse that it’s the Web who has created an artificial language that permit the wrong writing(spelling). Lack of spelling skills and knowledge of an artificial language are two quite different ..... and noticeable differences
What is an "artificial" language? confused

I agree that full proficiency should only be expected in one's native language; that is the language you were schooled in and spent your formative years. I disagree on the point that you shouldn't strive for proficiency when learning an additional language if you expect to use it as a communication tool. The more well versed you are in the language you are using, the better the communication. I admit to having a little trouble reading your post but I certainly wouldn't abuse you for it! comfort hug Just remember to strive always for excellence, and congrats for learning a language other than your own! cheers
Well, for starters, you misspelled "offence" and "emphasise" rolling on the floor laughing

I admire those who have the courage to blog on this site when English is their second language, however, there is a difference between lazyiness and simply not fully comprehending a language. I make typos and errors too, but some people just write any old thing they feel like without regard to how it looks to the reader.

When I learned a second language, I made a damn hard effort to write it correctly.

Also, honestly when people post things that are jarbled or not very well written, many people won't read the entire posting or will not give it much credibility.

You don't have to go to Harvard Law School to learn how to use a spell checker in Microsoft Word. Just paste what you wrote in a blank document and click spell check! It's really not that complicated.....
TO calmheartseeks: Instead of just asking or before asking one should find the answer of the unknown stuff or to check it some where......One learns during his lifetime.And he is not possible to know everything until he is alive. But he MUST strive to be literate in writing into his native language- to know the grammar of writing into his native language; to maintain a normal level of general culture-to have any general knowledge (knowledge of what surrounds us). And if there are any gaps- there are Internet-wikipedia,dictionaries and encyclopedias. This is also a kind of knowledge to know how to use-reference books,And the combination between the ability to use reference books,the literacy into writting in the respective native language,and the general knowledge show intellectual condition of the Human being. And this way it can be made any other general conclusions

Artificial language is "esperanto" for example. Don't tell me that you haven't heard about Esperanto? A simple definition of an artificial language is any language whose lexicon and grammar were developed from an individual source for the sake of itself. Individual source refers to either one creator or a select body of creators. Unlike an authentic language, the brunt of it emerges with relative suddenness. A great deal of time might transpire over the course of its development, but when it is released to others the language must be communicatively functional - i.e. the system can be used to convey many ideas.
Somehow I get the impression you thought I was berating you when I was doing the opposite. Please forgive my lapse in not immediately knowing the definition of an artifical language (esperanto) as I have not studied language structure and linguistics as you have. I am sure there are many things you do not know I could explain to you. That's what makes us all human after all...having different levels of knowledge, expertise and yes, ignorance.
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