Biden Now Has a Lower Approval Rating Than Every Governor in the US Dips under 30% In 17 States

Democrat President Joe Biden’s approval rating is so low that he now has a lower approval rating than every governor in the U.S., and his approval rating has dipped to as low as 18% in one state.

According to a recent Morning Consult poll, five of the six least popular governors in the U.S. are Democrats, with Oregon Democrat Governor Kate Brown having the lowest approval rating of 43%.

A recent poll from Civiqs, an online polling and analytics company, found that Biden’s approval rating is 37%, with his lowest marks coming in from West Virginia.

The full results were:
Alabama: 25-67
Alaska: 33-59
Arizona: 37-55
Arkansas: 25-68
California: 46-42
Colorado: 39-52
Connecticut: 41-48
Delaware: 39-51
Florida: 38-55
Georgia: 31-59
Hawaii: 51-38
Idaho: 26-68
Illinois: 42-47
Indiana: 28-64
Iowa: 33-59
Kansas: 29-63
Kentucky: 24-69
Louisiana: 28-63
Maine: 43-49
Maryland: 48-41
Massachusetts: 48-40
Michigan: 38-53
Minnesota: 40-50
Mississippi: 30-62
Missouri: 29-63
Montana: 33-59
Nebraska: 27-64
Nevada: 37-55
New Hampshire: 44-48
New Jersey: 45-44
New Mexico: 38-53
New York: 44-45
North Carolina: 37-56
North Dakota: 23-71
Ohio: 30-61
Oklahoma: 22-71
Oregon: 42-48
Pennsylvania: 38-54
Rhode Island: 44-45
South Carolina: 29-62
South Dakota: 27-66
Tennessee: 25-67
Texas: 30-61
Utah: 28-62
Vermont: 55-36
Virginia: 38-53
Washington St.: 44-46
West Virginia: 18-77
Wisconsin: 39-52
Wyoming: 23-72

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It begs the question -
Where in Hell did they find that 37% ?!?! ... confused

Seriously, Y'all -
He's a Dumpster Fire for the 'Crat Party (especially those up for re-election in '22)
& a Wrecking Ball for the US.

The only folks that could Possibly approve of him are those wanting 'Crat Congresspersons & Senators thrown out in '22 & The Don elected Prez in '24.

For Them - His performance is Phenomenally Outstanding ... cheering

I got impatient with the quote. I could not find out what the second number on each figure meant:
Wyoming: 23-72. What is 72?
I am happy to think the average American has come to a reasonable conclusion about Bidden, but I'm afraid this kind of data doesn't help.
I'm still confused as to why anyone in their right minds would vote this person in as potus.
Unless of course there is a ulterior motive which will surface in the near future?confused help
I'm Guessing the two numbers are Approval vs Disapproval, with some Undecided.

but a guy from New Purgery promised his approval would get much higher in a few weeks... dunno
*Perjury lol
Luke -
I b'lieve the Marxist Left of the 'Crat Party figured voters would go for Ol' Joe as a Perceived Moderate - a Trojan Horse, one might say -
And then they could manipulate him on account of him bein' a senile weakling.

It's 'bout the Only thing that Makes Sense ... dunno

I've also heard there's a Frost Warning out for Hell ... cold

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

These 'Marxist Left ' you mention seem to be a very powerful bunch of idiots, making the US's name shitty and ridiculous. Lets hope things sort themselves out in the next election. thumbs down
Like I've said before. I never thought in my entire lifetime, that I'd see anybody that made Pres. Carter look like a genius. Well, we've found him!

I still haven't personally met anybody that I know voted for him. Of course, that might be something people can't even admit to themselves, much less in public.

Having Voted for him and now Admitting having voted for him are Two Very Different Things.


The 37% who approve of Creepy Joe Brandon are pretty much the population of the US who are on welfare and food stamps. Go figure...
Having an Alpha Male as POTUS & Leader of the Western World is Not a BAD Thing.

As opposed to a senile weakling windbag who has rings run around him ..
Putin & Xi Jinping can Smell the weakness on Ol' Joe ... devil

MEANWHILE, Back in the USA ...
Ol' Joe's Approval Ratings among Murkuns have Crashed to an All Time Low -
Lower than those of The Don at this point in their respective Presidencies.

Ol' Joe's a Dumpster Fire for 'Crats & their Party ...
Goin' into the'22 Mid-Terms -
Several Congressional 'Crats are retiring rather than go down in Humiliating Defeat.

What's the political remedy for Tanking Approval Ratings?

Ol' Joe takes questions - Embarrasses self as his handlers Cringe ...
foot in mouth

Ol' Joe's Approval Ratings are Lower than The Don's at this point in His Presidency.
Even substantial numbers of 'CRATS have Voter's Remorse over Ol' Joe very mad

Get a load of THIS Crap, Y'all ..
crazy ... rolling on the floor laughing

Actually, there might be a Kernel of Truth to it -
Thinking back to The Don, by Comparison, Ol' Joe sucks hard enough to pull a golf ball through a garden hose ... devil

Barry Warned Us ...

NAILED IT, BARRY ... moping

It's not as bad for Biden and the DNC as it looks . That young group who had their hopes raised by the left of the DNC won't be voting GOP . They are from the large group of young who think communism is cool .
I find it fascinating most boys here are so concerned of approval ratings of the president which the general consensus speaks for itself. Yet, nobody here is concerned of the approval ratings among each other. Meaning is anyone concerned of approval ratings among the women here? Or none of the women concerned of the approval ratings they may be seeking from the boys here? As all may proclaim they don't care about approval ratings among each other yet, isn't it a contradiction to write our resumes to seek a relationship and approval of our personalities? Do we not seek approval with our blogs and comments our poetry and forums? This site spends more energy complaining about one man or the other of how they are handling the world. Yet, if anyone here can do any better to improve the quality of life to 7 billion people by all means we are looking for a better solution. Complaining about it on our porch of life whittling away the hours digging up more dirt on politics is not impressive anymore. Its getting rather old. Come up with solutions not more criticism. The old saying goes if you are not part of the solution you must be part of the problem. When I look at people like Elon Musk or Richard Branson, Mr. Facebook, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs I don't beat them up for their money at all. I commend them for their ingenuity to bring us the tools and fun things we like to use to complain about the political arena. Nevertheless, the poor downtrodden folks here which are many who may live in glass houses themselves who enjoy throwing stones at their leaders, instead of bitching about things and people, come up with a better solution and run for office to make a change we all can agree on.
Sen. Joe Manchin ends 'Crats' plans to end the Senate Filibuster ...
Posted 3 Hours Ago -
Will Ol' Joe embroil the US (and the World) in a war to distract from his Failings?

What change left or right women?
or just sitting in the middle?

Either way the president has to fill up the pockets of warmongers "capitalists..."

No matter if a woman or a man,politics world wide is corrupted...
No matter if up and down it sill politicians corrupted..

Take her for example..
A woman...

Posted One Hour Ago -

Take it up with Biden...
One of the many american warmongers...

cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers
Biden loves you mr happy. wave
LEFTISTS are no longer Lib'rul ... scold ...
... They're NUTS!! ... crazy

That guy speaks a Helluva Lotta SENSE! ... thumbs up

Is He Gonna Fall On Mid Term?
dunno dunno dunno dunno dunno
Yes ... BIGLY!

29 Congressional 'Crats have already announced plans to retire rather than go down in humiliating defeat in the '22 Mid-Term elections.

So can i start Celebrating then?

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
cheers cheers cheers cheers
Yes ... BIGLY
dancing ... dance

Good Coz i got couple of Prosecco bottle stored somewhere dated 2000 AC..
Not Alternating Current...
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

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