Collusion illusion delusion - What it means that Hillary Clinton did it

The Wall Street Journal ran a scathing editorial on May 20, called "Hillary Clinton Did It".

This editorial began: "The Russia-Trump collusion narrative of 2016 was a dirty trick for the ages -- and now we know it came from the top -- candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton." The editorial quickly explained: "That was the testimony Friday by 2016 Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook in federal court [in Washington, D.C.] , and while this news is hardly a surprise, it;s still bracing to find her fingertips on the political weapon." (Also not surprisingly, The May 20 print edition of The New York Times did not include a story on Mook's testimony.)

Mook's testimony was heard at the trial of attorney Michael Sussman, charged with lying to the FBI in calling to their attention a story that Donald J. Trump, by means of connections with Russia's Alfa Bank, was colluding with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The lie at issue was not the false claim about a Trump-Alfa connection, but the charge that Sussman brought this matter to the FBI as a good citizen, and not as a representative of the Clinton campaign.

As the Journal editorial noted: "Prosecutors say was working for the Clinton campaign." The editorial pointed out, "Mr. Mook said Mrs. Clinton was asked about the plan [to call attention to the Trump-Alfa ties] and approved it. A story on the Trump-Alfa Bank allegations thus appeared in Slate, a left-leaning online publication."

After that, the Journal explained how the Clinton campaign used the self-generated news of the investigation and the initial Slate article that came of it, both of which they had planted, as the basis for making tweet after tweet to the press about the Slate report to churn up mass coverage about it in the press and convince the public that the investigation was about something serious.

The concluding paragraphs of the editorial are worth quoting in full:

In short, the Clinton campaign created the Trump-Alfa allegation, fed it to a credulous press that failed to confirm the allegations but ran with them anyway, then promoted the story as if it was legitimate news. The campaign also delivered the claims to the FBI, giving journalists another excuse to portray the accusations as serious and perhaps true.

Most of the press will ignore this news, but the Russia-Trump narrative that Mrs. Clinton sanctioned did enormous harm to the country. It disgraced the FBI, humiliated the press, and sent the country on a three-year investigation to nowhere. Vladimir Putin never came close to doing as much disinformation damage.

The harm done to the United States by the perfidy of the Clintonistas cannot be overemphasized. That "three-year investigation to nowhere" represented the Clinton-Obama attempted takeover of the government. (Call it the COAT campaign.) With congressional Republicans unwilling to prevent the COAT campaign, the Trump administration was blocked from putting U.S.-Russia relations on a rational, mutually beneficial footing, to the point that, under the present Senate leadership, the specter of war with Russia is no longer an unthinkable thought. The COAT campaign succeeded in keeping the Ukraine pot boiling, with the water first heated by Obama's stirring up of anti-Russian feeling in Ukraine, leading to the Maidan revolution that ousted the legitimately elected president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych.

A political opposition ready to lie about Donald J. Trump, supported by a media prepared to believe the worst about Mr. Trump has given us the current reality where the deep state is using NATO as an instrument to humiliate Russia, and Republican leaders in Congress are going along with the plans of the deep state to make the globe an unsafe place except for the globalist hegemony.

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The fbi and the press humiliated themselves. They covered it up and were in on it up to their eyeballs. They are equally culpable and they should all be brought to justice except there is no justice in the country anymore.
That is accurate Drummer.

Disclaimer: I know nothing about the USA. grin
Quit saying that. Don't listen to those you split in their nerves because of lies. You know more about USA, more than some people I know who were born here.
Clinton did it which Clinton didn't do it laugh
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So now what's going to happen Willy? This evil HRC will go to jail you think?
Hopefully yes, but the officer who would be responsible for transporting her will mysteriously commit suicide just before it happens.
Ah yes, Comrade Barry $oetoro* of Kenya
Amerika's sweetheart Constitutional Prez.

* This reduces to
..the BULL 1$ well fed....) For you note Takers &
Literacy police.
The trial of Hillary Clinton lawyer Michael Sussman is coming to an end. Sussman is accused of lying to the FBI - saying he was not representing a client when he clearly was (he billed the Clinton campaign for work) - in relation to the Alfa Bank hoax information that he brought to them. It's a fairly straightforward charge and during the trial it has been demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt that he is guilty. That doesn't mean he'll be found guilty though. It's a DC jury, and astonishingly (though probably not unsurprisingly) multiple Hillary Clinton donors were allowed on the jury. Clinton received 91% of the DC vote in 2016, compared to Trump's 4%. A guilty verdict requires all jurors to agree. Likewise for a not guilty verdict. If they can't agree, it's a hung jury, and the government may choose to re-try the case at a later date.

The Alfa Bank hoax was just one of a number of Russia collusion themed hoaxes that was pushed by Hillary & Democrats. The claim was that Trump had a server covertly communicating with Putin via a Russian bank (Alfa Bank). The claim was pretty ridiculous but it gained a lot of traction in the media and could possibly have impacted on the 2016 election result (the story was pushed out a week before election day). Of course there was no truth to the story. A Hillary ally named Rodney Joffe - an expert in the tech security field - spoofed data and had a white paper written up in an attempt to portray Trump as compromised by a foreign nation. Hillary's lawyer Sussman was one of a number of people who worked overtime to push the fake story in media AND in the FBI, resulting in costly investigative resources being used on the matter. It's beyond clear that he was representing Hillary when he went to the FBI, but he claimed otherwise - for obvious reasons (it would have been looked upon a lot differently had it been known Hillary was behind it).

Perhaps the bigger story though from the trial (beyond Sussman's obvious guilt...) was how FBI leadership acted as time went on. It became clear quite early on that there was nothing to the Trump Alfa Bank allegation - FBI's tech division shot it down within a day. But top FBI brass - Comey, McCabe etc. - wouldn't close the investigation. Not only that, but they deliberately concealed the real source behind the information (Rodney Joffe) from FBI agents looking in to it. Not only that, they pushed the investigation over to Chicago FBI field office, and tasked a total newbie that had been with the FBI for just 3 months with being in charge of it. Absolute madness. Of interest in the trial was also the relationship with different journalists. The media was an essential part of pushing the hoax and deceiving the people. It comes down to whether they were willing participants in the deception, or if they were just useful idiots to the Hillary people pushing it. Either way, it did enormous damage not just to Trump, but to the very fabric of the nation. A lot of people BELIEVED the lie. And it was one factor that led to the bogus Mueller Special Counsel that undermined Trump's first 2 years in office and helped Democrats win a House Majority in 2018 - something they would then use to impeach Trump.

Interesting times. Sussmann trial is not the only trial though. It's just the first. Igor Danchenko's trial starts soon. Danchenko - a Russian based in DC - was one of the 'sources' in the infamous Steele Dossier compiled by British former MI6 spy Christopher Steele that further tried to dirty up Trump and tie him to the Kremlin via unsubstantiated allegations. Danchenko's name was kept hidden for years by the FBI. Couldn't have it getting out that Hillary had used disinfo from an actual Russian in her fake scheme against Trump!!! Also, i would be very surprised if Rodney Joffe is not tried also for reasons explained above. Outside of that, i wouldn't be surprised if some within the FBI are tried, given the agency's role in the perpetrating the charade.
Hildebeest's Campaign Manager Spills His Guts ...

So another silly Willy blog ends with a bad case of the runs from Captain Q.rolling on the floor laughing
Fly, Fly!!!!!!!


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Today is May 26th, 2022 and Joe Biden is the worst President in US history.
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