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Is Mumbai expensive?

According to Mercer's 2021 Cost of Living Survey, Mumbai remains the most expensive city for expats in India and among the top 20 in Asia

Is Mumbai a good place to live?

Mumbai has been ranked as one of the safest cities to live in India. The city has well developed infrastructure, and it is also knows as the financial and commercial hub of India.

Is Mumbai a developed city?
Mumbai is the economical Capital of India and nothing unexpected that it is the most developed city in India. Downright GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of Mumbai is 12,12,200 Crore Rs or 209 Billion USD. It is positioned number 29 in world among developed urban communities.

Maharashtra is the richest state in India. The state capital Mumbai is also known as the economic capital of the country.

Which is the richest city in India?
New Delhi: Mumbai is home to the highest number of billionaires in the country with 72 billionaires living in the city, according to Hurun Global Rich List 2022. The 2022 Hurun Global Rich List ranked 3,381 billionaires from 2,557 companies and 69 countries.

Is Delhi richer or Mumbai?

The Financial Capital of India, Mumbai, tops the list with an estimated GDP of $310 billion. The city of rich historical, cultural, political and social significance, New Delhi, ranks second on this list with a GDP of $293.6 billion.

Mumbai is not bigger than Delhi. The area of Delhi is spread in 1484 sq km while Mumbai is spread only in 550 sq km.

The current metro area population of Mumbai in 2022 is 20,961,000,

1 United States Dollar equals
78.98 Indian Rupee.

Even a foot path begger needs
3 dollars perday for some
ordinary food.... that goes
with out night stay anywhere.

for a decent small family
with accomodation... needs
(1 thousand) dollars per month.

For a better and easy life
rented better accomodation
and all expenses of everyday
life.... one needs.... 6000
dollars per month...

this is the reallity of mumbai
life.... one can sit... very far
away from India and think
mumbai is a easy place to live.

1,000 United States Dollar equals
78,974.80 Indian Rupee.

more to come on this topic.
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The Local trains are the lifeline of Mumbai. But close to 10 people die everyday in train accidents.

On an average a Mumbaikar spends 4hours to... 6hours
traveling to work everyday. And if you have to travel in local during peak hours, hell might feel better.

Horrible over crowded local trains with regular accident deaths happening daily.

Cost of living is very high and for those living on rent, it is too high. And it is a vicious cycle. Cost of house that many can't afford and you have no choice but to pay high rents.

Over hyped city due to celebrities, businessmen and all...
The so called spirit of mumbai i feel is a very rosy glossy picture created by the media & authorities to cover up for the everyday hardships faced by the common man.

life in Mumbai is good, if you have constant source of income and engagement.

Life maybe easy for the corporate class, but ask the working class and you’ll know the ‘real’ Mumbai.

if you think of taking your own car, traffic will blow you, and the horns will kill you! And two things will burn, you and your petrol.
Is there much Bollywood dancing activity in Mumbai? Have you seen any?
dancing dancing
Can you invite Elon Musk over to fix the cris-cross of
insufficient public transport? He knows a bit about tubes n stuff.

Spending 4 hours or more commuting...hmm...
can folk not just move to a smaller town or something??

A serious question: during covid, did more folk work from home?

Good blog, you put a lot of work into it. wine
My impression of the whole of India is mass poverty and over populated. Plus monsoons and diseases. the bulk of what anyone ever sees of different countries is either the worst or the best.
When I was a kid, dad talked to the consulate of Mexico. He had the notion to sell the farm,retire and we move to Mexico. The consulate said dad was correct in thinking his money would allow us to live like royalty in Mexico. We could have a huge home, servants and all the comforts. But, we would be scared to walk the streets as rich Norte Americanos. We would not trust our servants who would take whatever they thought their right. Yes, we could have a lovely house..surrounded with a fence to protect us from kidknapping or robbery. Dad decided maybe not.
It is easy to look at the conversion value of money and think wow. But, then, what is the costs of things. Like California. One can make $20,30 or more for wages. But, gas is $6 or more. Apartments are $3000 for a dump and a house costs half a million or more. It is all relative.
Move with a wad of cash to India and enjoy. Live there and work and hope to survive.
"India. With a GDP of $2171 per Capita, India comes towards the bottom of our list of poorest countries. A mind-boggling one-fifth of the country's 1.3 billion people live below the national poverty line. For comparison, that's roughly 320 million people or the entire population of the US."

From Google.

I have some friends from India and they're very hard working people but opportunities in that country, much like the third world including the Philippines is limited to the rich people who has the ability to bribe those in power to climb ip the economic ladder.

India is one of the bottof the list of the poorest countries according to Wiki and Google.
hi handsome..... i just
remember... something...
have you heard this...
A leopard .... can NOT... change its spots..
rolling on the floor laughing wink
Move with a wad of cash to India and enjoy. Live there and work and hope to survive.

you are welcom... misscheers
I know it's not a q and a, and you have to answer to noone.

My point of asking if people worked from home as folk did here,
was to figure out if some of the commuting could be replaced by home-work.
I think the ideal is 3 days HOME OFFICE AND 2 DAYS AT WORK.
This comment was in response to Orrz my friend.
yes lot of people are doing
but.... not... all works can
be done from home.. for
eg.. manual

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