I’ve been on connecting singles dating site for quite awhile and ive gotten absolutely nothing
Ive redid my profile numerous times
But not sure if it’s my profile or there’s just no one on
Yes im on disability

Yes I smoke
But these 2 factors should not matter
What matters is a strong connection and undivided attention
Someone please let me know what if anything I am doing wrong
Any answer will be appreciated confused
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Are you contacting other members or are you waiting for them to contact you?

Start fresh - say as little about yourself as possible.
Don't mention the disability
Post new photos.
Change your username

Godfearing18 is a little over the top in my opinion
Don’t think I can change it
My advice..change your profile name...God fearing is used by scammers...thinking that they can get money out of you.

Also, if you are serious about finding someone...leave this site..

You may try another dating site..but, they too..are filled with many who are not real.

Your best bet, get out in the real world...

This place is filled with scammers, mentally ill, and people just wasting time in the forums when they are bored...

Good luck...
There is a website called meetup where single people will meet for example to go hiking one morning or meet at a bar in the evening. Then you will meet with say 20 people and talk as you do activities together. You are in Chicago so should be a lot of different activities.
The only guarantee about our lives is that they will end.
The fortunate deserve their fates no more than the most wretched and slighted among us.
Perhaps you are mated, fated to be alone.
Maybe you don't have a soul.
Maybe the notion that there is someone for everyone is sweet sounding poison.
Maybe, all the above and more, put more fear and pressure on the process than many people can stand.

If we lead with our fear and anxiety, we transmit that to others and they learn that they would rather not be around that and avoid the situation, conversation, etc.

If we lead with what makes us happy, energized, excited, we transmit that too and people look for that, to be around that.
Our passion for life can generate passion for our company.
Turn to and follow your own light.
NB!!! Meetup is a fantastic way to meet people with shared interests but it is NOT only for singles and NOT usually for dating unless specifically described that way. Most meetups are just a way to meet people. Singles who go along expecting to score, and worse, get angry when the person they hit on is in a relationship, are a pain in the butt.
The sad sad truth is that smoking and being on disability do play a part in it (I smoke too, have mental health issues and I am on social services). Not all women are alike though, some care and some don't. Generally women usually like someone who can have a little fun and is not afraid to laugh at themselves. Your profile is a little stiff in its wording, try putting a brighter spin on it. You can get what you need to get across and still have a interesting profile. cheers
Where? I'd like to meet them conversing
There are several websites for Christians who feel strongly about meeting other Christians, as there are for every religion. CS is multi-cultural and apart from the occasional self-appointed preachers who bang on and on about their beliefs, avoided by serious religious types. I suppose you could find one of the religious blogs and start making comments and see if you find a kindred spirit. Not impossible.

Best advice, though, in your case I would change my church, if there are no younger women there, and find one with a lot more social activities. That is by FAR your best bet.to meet someone who shares your core beliefs. Ideally you'd meet them when you nip behind the hall for a cigarette, they'll be smoking there too
One more thing, your pictures. You look like you are somewhere between angry and rage. Happy looking pictures are much more attractive than serious looking pictures. I don't like to smile either, I had to wrestle with my face to get the little bit I did on my current picture but happy is definitely more attractive.
To be honest, I did not look at his profile....I was just commenting on his profile name.

You have always been upfront Track..and, have worked on yourself physically and mentally.

And, I have always thought of you as one of the good guys here. But, most of all, you have always stood up for women and not had to appear as fitting in with the other guys.

I have always appreciated that from you.
There are worse things than sneaking a smoke or maybe drinking once in a while.

I know many religious people who can quote every Bible verse...and, some are the most mean-spirited people you could ever meet....
Put on another 100 lbs and grow a mohawk and wear suspenders. Appearance is 25 percent of magnetism.
Really laugh well don’t show so much cleavage scold maybe you are just too damd beautiful and they can’t leave you alone teddybear
Haha laugh I'm sorry I didn't mean to sound critical, but as a single person who does go to a couple of meetup things I notice regulars are very, very, wary of being friendly in case it is misunderstood. Once they know I'm not checking everyone out as potential mates, no worries, but a LOT of people do go thinking it is a pick-up arrangement. Of course some meetups are, but say so in their description. I'm too damn beautiful to go to those rolling on the floor laughing
Could your pictures be serious in a less intimidating way. You don't have to have a fear grin plastered across your face, look how nice I am please don't hurt me - you don't have to look like butter wouldn't melt. But what about staring off into the distance as though you were lost on some horizon? Admire the view from the top of a mountain, and get someone to take a picture of it. Don't even look at the camera or at most give a glance over your shoulder like you'd just noticed they were there.
Take a photo like that and put it as your main photo, use your main photo now as your second photo, and delete the rest.

In fact you may as well do that with a new profile with a lot less said about you. And as genuinely god-fearing as you may be nobody here is going to believe it. We have the scammers who use the term god-fearing and the god squad who don't actually fear the lord at all, and are much closer to Gordon Gekko.
No argument from me, I smoke smoking and firmly believe the most interesting people are often the ones hanging out by the bins rolling on the floor laughing

I was responding to the guy's post, although I notice he's changed into a girl now after comments about his photos. He's very religious. And I agree, there are some very mean-spirited dreary boring religious types about. Some are genuinely lovely people but probably would be anyway?
Answer some of your responses, heed some advise.

More importantly... forget about the 'soulmate' and focus on actually getting a date.
frustrated doh! forgot I was responding to a specific comment
I too have been on this site for quite a while and I have not met anyone who is honest from the heart they want to play games and my and try to scam women out of their money so I don't even reply to any of them I just read the profiles and delete them.

I too would love to find my soulmate but I guess there are no decent honest men left in this generation.

I smoke I drink occasionally and I am a disabled veteran like you said those factors should have nothing to do with connecting with the heart.
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