Amazing A.I. options!

Has anyone else noticed that 'female' A.I.s seem more visually aesthetic/attractive than 'male' ones? laugh Most of the females look and behave more human than humanoid, whilst most of the males look and behave more mechanical than humanoid. It's as though only men (and some women grin) would favour seeing and interacting with an attractive A.I. robot of the opposite 'gender'.

Patriarchy strikes again!roll eyes
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What do you think? Did our social structure start out more like that of pan paniscus or that of pan troglodytes?
roll eyes Neither, so what does that have to do with my wanting to see more handsome, manly-looking 'male' A.I.s?
Last sentence of your blog. Was just wondering how true that actually is.
You seem smart, so I know you could research it if you really wanted to. But why bother?laugh
I hadn't noticed so much as guessed it would be this way. Men turned on to a generation of lifelike looking robots where to women it's a giant dildo, the male robot could look as lifelike as you like and women would still say giant dildo.
I've always wondered why women even need/use dildos. I've seen the fugliest of creatures pulling men by the dozen, dozens of times. Certainly, the men in question are often drunk or have self-esteem issues but I suppose it's still better than a toy. Well, at least so I think.
My guess is that if they concentrated on males for realistic facial performance before females somebody might have complained. It's fantastic progress since I last saw them.
"if they concentrated on males for realistic facial performance before females somebody might have complained"

wave Merlot, do you really think so? Most of the 'first' robots were 'male', not so? So I don't think there would have been a reason to, if they had been attractive ones. wink
I haven't been exposed to many robots but I have been exposed to toys for twats. Don't knock it, there is nothing wrong with calling out your own name during the throws of ecstasy.
giggle Well Unfayzed, It's obvious that you're not concerned about the visuals.grin
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