Just complaining a little....

How to manage to get some rest before im off to work when my neighbours is shouting at eachother... sure.. i could always knock on the door and tell them to shut up.. Though i dont think that would help..
This is actually the first time i hear anything from their apartment otherwise it very quiet and calm around here.. Oh well...hopefully they calm down soon so i can rest a little...

Even if this really bothers me right at this moment...i can still look back in time and remember when i was young and ..well.. thats a part of it...it will pass one way or another..
LOL... sounds like im 80 or something

Guess i can do what i forgot about yesterday... give my plants some water;)

Have a great day;)))))

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my neighbours always irritate me. once the boy was drunken and wanted to jump off the building (we are on 15 floor) and once the girl wanted to kill herself (they are lovers). they just quarrel quarrel quarrel... at mid-night, or 3 o'clock.

this is not the first time.

OMG...i live on the first floor and their on the second... (only 2 floor) but nothing like that... and its 12.05 (daytime) i wouldn´t wanna change with u...
I would have gone crazy if i had neighbours like that
Solution 1 to your problems :
Buy the drums, and start learning how to play them..
Also follow the late evening courses !!!

Solution 2 if the first one fails :
Buy a gun, and start learning shooting, in your apartment, so they can hear you !!!

lol.. i´ll go for the drums... but no need to learn how to play...it´s easier to just be noisy laugh
that wasn't the neighbors, ina, that was me calling you over for a cup of tea,, ah well, ill give you a shout later on, in the meantime, get some. ('sleep');sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep
LMAO... how could i be so wrong... luckily i didn´t knock on their door thenlaugh
But no sleep...so it´s gonna be a tough night... and no tea for me crying
bit of a bummer, having loud neighbors, truth be told, it was one of the reasons i moved into the mountains to live, peace and serenity, you can buy it, i did, think ill have a cappuccino, while i gaze into the mountains, aint life a b*tch. ('tip hat');
LOL i moved away from the countryside.. the main reason were not noisy neighbours... it was my job...
i think the gun will be a good equipment to tell them to shut up forever

just a thought dear rolling on the floor laughing
yes ina, life can pull you in different directions at times,('dance'); do you prefer city life now,('snowed in'); or would you rather the serenity of the countryside, given choice.
manroe why are you so intent on shooting somebody, i thought you were an angel,('angel');
iam the angel of the dark ben , devil
i knew all along you were manroe, ('devil');('devil');
tsk..tsk you may run now ben coz iam gonna ripped of your bones now

sorry ben , just joking laugh
Yeah. I reckon Makis has the right idea. You don't actually have to use the gun.....

Just threaten to blow their heads off if they don't shut up.

Guaranteed to work a treat.cheers

And more than likely land you in Gaol.uh oh
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