Free advice for Singles in Cyberspace ......

(By a site member)
.....NOT ME! ... someone else .... long gone into the ether of the atmosphere..... but his words live on ......

“Good question, and one, which deserves an answer from one who has met a number of prospective partners on dating sites. Here is a bit of advice for us fellows without I hope, being condescending”.

1. Don’t be tempted to lie about your age.

2. Put a recent photograph on your profile (initially, women as well as men, buy with their eyes). Subsequently, women send shop soiled goods back to the factory for re-packaging.

3. Try not to ramble on too much, about what you do and don’t like, many a Christmas present wrapped in brown paper turns out to be a real cracker.

4. Finally, although most definitely not of his persuasion, remember Oscar Wilde’s classic utterance. “Do I love you because you are beautiful or are you beautiful because I love you? Far better to accept the latter and forget the trophy”.


Well .... it IS one way to find someone who ticks to your tock, or tocks to your tick, or whatever it is you are looking for .....?
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as a liar, i agree with everything you say, be honest.confused
Welcome back Smoky ! wave

If this is a free advice, i can only imagine the ones that costs ! grin
I salute here the old Oscar and i'll invite also John Lennon :"Its better to be hated for who you are than to be loved for who you're not."
Have a nice evening ! wine
I really believe all of that.honest is the best policy.i find it hard explaining myself over and over but id feel worse if i was fake.

i get to know people much easier if they are honest.;u see as little as the lie is at fist it becomes bigger to cover up the lie before that
So Right!!!
Thank you for reminding us smoky!
And guys... If you post a photo which was shot 20 years ago and you mention that you are 50 years old, then, the only things one can assume about you is either that you have done plastic surgery or, that you are a lier!
"Be yourself,it's easier to remember your name"

smoky..any whisky left for me? drinking
"Better to be hated for who you are, than to be loved for who you are not".....! Excellent, DaBomb.thumbs up

Ja, angled photos to make you look taller ....... a "professional" photo taking out the age-lines ....... snipping off a few years ...... in the end it fools nobody!

There most definitely is a difference in each decade of age in the human body!

A guy in his 70`s cannot bluff he is still in his 60`s ... and 60`s still in his 50`s ...... and so on down the line .... till he gets to about 22 ....hahahaaaaa ..... Vanity has no appeal!

Same with style of writing! An intelligent person would take a bit of time to edit what he has written in a private mail ...... ok, typos are excepted ... even I make them ... ehem ....grin

A boring introduction of oneself is not going to lead one any further .....
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