Complete the poem!!!!

When our eyes first met

My heart stood still;

Then after help

_________ _________ _________ __________ !!!!

Make this as funny as you can while keeping it in rhyme. rolling on the floor laughing
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i slipped on a banana peal .lol.

rocking blog .
I convinced her to go on the pill ..... wow blushing

wave Hello again T .... grin beer
...and after few dates,
i had to hit the hill !

doh doh doh doh
i changed my will
I chugged some swill!

I faced the thrill!

I paid the bill.....

Come one people - have some fun with this!!!! group hug
How about -

I dresssed to kill !

As in looking good - not bodily harm! dancing
I let him "do" me on the window sill!, (a reference to a blog by Drea awhile back about a German couple who fell out of a window while "doing it")
Miss V.

The German couple wanted to do it on the air ?!

confused confused

Wow,that's something i always dream of

doh doh doh
we built a still then all got drunk even dr phill
needed a better dealdrinking
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