09/11/01 - 09/11/11

As you all know, it has been 10 years since 911. I have created this song as my own tribute to the victims and fallen heroes of 911. I can't believe it's been 10 years already!
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May They Rest In Piece...bouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet
I remember the day very well, we couldn't believe our eyes watching it on the TV! May the victims rest in peace! sad flower
I was in my first period 7th grade math class that Tuesday Morning. I heard the teacher saying some disaster happened in the city. When I got to my science class at third period (around 10:15 am), she told us some type of explosion happened at the twin towers. "At that point, only one of the towers is still standing". When my mom picked me up around 2 pm, that's when I really saw what happened. Channel 2 was the only channel working that day. By the way, I was 13 when this happened.
Thanks for putting up a Blog for 09/11..

I don't know why we have to have something like that happen for people to reach out to others.. I wish we could help others everyday in memory of those we lost..

There was so many people that gave there own life to help save other's

I think there is a lot we can lorn form that... Pay it froward try helping someone.. sometimes all it takes is just a smile or hold a door open for someone..

I pray that everyone will have a great day.. God Bless
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