have u hear about yue yue from Foshan?

In a case that has shocked and appalled China, Clifford Coonan writes, Yue Yue, a two-year-old toddler run over by two goods vans and mortally wounded in Guangdong province as 18 passersby ignored her fate, has died, doctors said.

The girl died from severe brain injuries she suffered in the accident.

A rubbish collector came to her aid after the infant lay on the street for six minutes, but doctors at Guangzhou military hospital were unable to revive Yue Yue.

Police have detained both drivers

What do u think about that murder and 18 passersby?

Yue yue, God bless u.
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not good at all , make me feel like , I'm the only one who cares and the weight of the world rests on my shoulders

hug hug hug kiss kiss teddybear

You know, i'm half chinese, and when i saw that video on youtube it just broke my heart and i started to cry. I sometimes wonder what is wrong with the human race, to turn their backs on a small child that has gotten run over and to see that 18 people passed her by without helping her. I feel so ashamed to know that my blood line is from there sometimes when i see such things.

R.I.P. and God Bless You Yue Yue.angel
The implications and the ramifications of this in a Chinese society does not bode well for their culture on a Global scale.
Let alone for the citizens of that province, and the inhabitants of that country as a whole.

How could people ignore such an accident/event involving another human being, let alone a child? IF this happened in my home city everyone within the vicinity who was aware of the accident having taken place would have rushed to the aid of that young child.

There would be a hue and cry about it in our local and national newspapers, and doubtless there would be some snippet of International interest portrayed through the media.

My heart goes out to the spirit of this lost child, to her parents, and even to the driver of the offending vehicle, for surely he or she must be distraught as well?
I have just seen this on Facebook where someone wrote,

"Unfortunately, abandoned and dead babies (mainly female) are not an uncommon sight in China's cities, due to the one-child per family policy."

This is one of the most shocking displays of cold human behaviour I have ever seen. If this is China's typical attitude towards their own children/citizens and with it's rise towards world dominance then the rest of us are pretty much screwed.

Xin...the incident is terribly sad. blues May she rest in peace.
I am speechless!! Maybe it really can be "explained" with the discrimination on female babies. And also with the fact that in some countries/societies the value of every single human life is an abstraction. They don't cherish the individual, only the masses are important.

May the death of this little angel stir something in China's society or at least some consciences. sad flower
that sadens me deeply, my daughter is 18 monts old. sont even want to think about it....crying
it was on our paper too. unbelievable.....inhuman
or dear, i'm so shocked, i cant believe this, it's even more scaring than in horror filmsdunno 18 indifferent people together with murderer, the world came hell seems, terrible.
R.I.P. to lil girlsad flower
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